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Friday, March 4

YSL S/S11 +

My evening wedge of choice! for this summer!
YSL nailed it!

£780.00 @ Matches

I have to be careful with wedges they can be big and heavy by the time you get up to my size these are the type I usually go for, tapered heel with no underfoot platform this obviously gives you more height which holds your foot at a sharp angle (3.5inchs + works for me) Yes poor feet!
Making them appear smaller than they actually are!!

Taking all the above into consideration I dont usually buy day wedges
(underfoot wedge needs to be less than 1/2 of entire heel hieght)
 Casadei seem to have some good offerings in the wedge department and they also have the type of sandal I want for this summer....very chunky, very sixties!
I will always choose wood over a cork sole but it's heavy!

£500.00 ++
Shel xoxo

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