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Thursday, October 28


I received this amazing book as a present recently and its a must own!! Great images of all the Dior backstage antics and intimate images of Mr G himself nice to see he is so relaxed and sociable backstage! there is more than one picture if the models smoking in there Haute. Can you imagine?!? I would be having a heart attack, goodness help the woman who would risk dropping ash on a Galliano creation.
None the less it seems they are having super fun! I wanna be there!!!!
A selection of my faves so far...can't wait to sit down and have a good look!

Shel xoxo

Brocade Parade

Shel xoxo

A few of my favourite things...

Vintage Bag - Spitalfields
Backstage Dior -Roxanna Lowit
D&G Peeptoes
"Sacrab" Nail Polish - Illa Masque (AMAZING COLOUR)
Shel xoxo

Little Lacy Number.

Picked this dress up in H&M I really like it but I did feel slightly Morticia Adams by the end of the day. Ha!
I have seen a similar one in Reiss but wasn't keen on the colour. I think you have to be careful when wearing something as detailed as lace all over and the best bet is to always go for it in a colour which plays it down.

Shel xoxo

Talking of the 60's....

How much am I loving these cocktail dresses? I really don't think you need be wearing tight short clothing to show off good legs. Somtimes a little swing in a dress or skirt is nicer :0)

All you need is a Chambord Champange cocktail.

Dolce&Gabbana £755
Notte by Marchesa £595
Shel xoxo

Hats Off

Even though I love a good hat, I never got into the habit of spending a ton on them. I just don't seem to get the wear out of them to make it worth while. But then along came the wide brimmed fedora.....and I may  have finally found an apt city hat! wide brimmed enough to stop you looking like Pork Pie and shapely/ androgynous enough to stop you looking like you should be on a beach in 1962. Still wasn't sold with the price tags nearing the 100's though.
Then on a little trip to TK Maxx I found this perfect (wool) fedora for a mere £12 - SOLD!! 

Rag & Bone £95
Shel xoxo

Who's the fairest of them all?

Fearless, Care free unadulterated fashion fun!!!
Love this woman!
She is my 2nd in command after Anna No.1

Pictures from

Shel xoxo

Sunday, October 24

Fruitless measures

I have just ordered a cape from ASOS. Given that I have been looking for a non capey casual camel coat and have not found one to date I have had to admit defeat and get myself a cape. I have tried to stay away from what the high street is flooded with at the moment trying not to find myself having deja vu (yes I was here the first time capes were "in") getting it in Khaki for a start and also I think the style is cute with the little hood.

While I was there I was seduced by a new Illa Masque polish named Scarab I really like the complexity of the shade. But if I am really honest as soon as I saw the name I was sold! Ahhh such a marketers dream am I!!!

Shel xoxo


Well the other day I was moaning about only having black undies. I have not managed to change that, and unfortunately the likelihood of that changing anytime soon and just been reduced.

Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed up with super desirable La Perla on a capsule collection or Co branding as Giovanni Bianchi so gracefully puts it!
Based on JPG's iconic cone bra which he created for Madonna in the 80's he has created a collection which is worn to be seen! his shoulder pad bra is just perfect for slipping under a tuxedo dress.

The collection was shown at a "Maison Particular" an amazing 18th Century house owned by the Lafayette family (Lafayette shopping center is my favourite haunt while in Paris)......just perfect!
And who did he choose to show off his new colab at the end of his Haute show? Dita of course! and she looked impeccable as always!

I love the way Giovanni Bianchi referred to the collection as corsetry - It really is the funniest thing all this Parisenne self importance but I must admit that's one thing that I love about the French!

If you a few moments watch the clip below, its a nice video on the collect and a short clip on the show the gold dress @ 1:54 is AMAZING!!! :0)


Shel xoxo

Wednesday, October 20

Weekly Forecast

So how about I do an outfit every week that sums up my current fashion feelings?

Maybe I could do a work, evening and weekend look?

So today it is super sunny in London town but also freezing cold!! Heres my pick for today!!

Shel xoxo