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Sunday, August 31

Tram......a good way to travel!

I went to Marco's wedding and we went to the church by Tram it was a special white vintage one! it matched my dress which is a vintage (circa 1940 or there abouts) pink tea dress i wore my hair in an old fashioned style rolled and pinned to one side and kept my make up to a minimum with mainly just rosy lips! and of course some HUGE sparkly earrings

Travel Light?

So this is my capsule wadrobe for the next 2 weeks.....although it is not much of a capsule as I packed a silly amount of stuff (the pink suitcase is full!) I really wish I could do the whole "this works with more than one thing" thing in order to pack less but I guess as most of my clothes are dresses it won't work for me!

Signs of commitment.....

Ciao! I have decided since I will have access to a PC most of the time in Italia I am going to update my blog when I can! So today was a very lazy day I soaked up the sun and went to buy ice cream on a bike not to disimilar to the one I m hoping to buy! I also gave my new mickey ears an outing!

Tuesday, August 26

Tokyo lashes

I picked up these lashes in New Look the other month for £5.00 then on my cyber travels I came across these at Shu Ueruma, a similar pair for $50.00 and to just think I got some horrid looks in the queue when I was buying them and I almost put them down but I didn't care I knew they were cool and here is my blissful affirmation!

I've been tango'ed

Today I road tested my orange tights...I got lots of disapproving looks from other chicks but I love them! H&M Tights £5.99 for a pack of 2
Also in this pic: H&M high waisted skirt £9.99 Current season, Black Topshop pom pom flats ~£20 Current season White linen mix tee ~£10 Miss Selfridges

It's Christmas!!

I nearly had a heart attack when I went into Selfridges basement and was transported to a winter wonderland! All of the joys of Christmas started to fill me up and I was on the verge of getting VERY excited.......then my love pointed out that it is still only August...tut... who cares? I love you Santa!!!! (Furry reindeer £600)

Monday, August 25

Gave Carnival a miss...

Today I stayed in, did some magazine cuts for A/W inspiration, ate Hello Kitty marshmallows thought about buying a bike and started to think about my outfits for the weddings in Italy I have coming up in under a week!

Sunday, August 24

Tie Dye

I bought this dress in the "summer" and have not had a chance to wear it. I get so frustrated as I really adore this dress but there are a distinct lack of sunshine bright days here in England. I found my solution on yet another rainy day when I pulled out my old purple roll neck. For even colder winter days I will team with wolly coloured tights and boots.
Also in this pic: Models Own white nail polish from Urban Outfitters £8 Peeptoe KG shoe boots £45 in sale Black perspex bow belt french connection £25.00

Liberated by liberty

Walking past Liberty's the other day with my boyfriend I stopped to swoon at this wonder and dreamt about the day I could wear this dress (and Prada shoes) without my boyfriend looking at me like I am a crazy lady and giving me the "curled lipped" smile that means "i don't want to say you look weird but what are you wearing?" It is so unfair that my other half doesn't get and never will find alternative or high end fashion sexy.
Personally I don't think you can get sexier than high end! and that's all that matters in affairs of the wardrobe! (he hated the dress and left me face sucking the window)


I found these sweet French Sole shoes in Topshop they are adorable!!! Looks like I better be sweeting up my good friend Netta for some discount (she works at French Sole head office and gets to go to the warehouse whenever she fancies a little shoe shopping..just imagine it!) Again a good look for my winter wardrobe! (I am lusting after a worrying amount of black)

Purple Chain, Purple Chain

I picked up this update to my favourite chain while at market £5.00 (smaller one on the left) This is all towards my new minimalist look for winter...

Portobello Road

I visited Jessie Western on Portobello road and picked me up some CEUTE purple mochs. They are hand made and the only pair (they only make one in each colour). The leather soles however are a nightmare in the rain. They had some amazing coloured suede and bags to die for!......if your in the area definatly worth a stop. (£49)

Tuesday, August 19

I dyed......

My hair jet one noticed except for my truly beloved! Pics to follow!

Give me the Badu!

It seems that my favourite perfume (Black Orchid) is getting a little make over?Tom Ford will be launching White Patchouli and the campaign is fronted by none other than Erykah Badu!! How exciting and unexpected!!

Tuesday, August 12

I heart the 60's

Today I had to convert my wet look treggings into smart casual for work I decided a nod to the 60's would help. My usual photographer was unavailable (my other 1/2 - hehe) and so today my photo is courtesy of my work colleague and friend Vicki in our atrium xx Brocade dress - £12 Primark Patent boots - as before Staple roll neck - £10 H&M Treggings - as before Over sized pearl earrings - £3.99 H&M

Monday, August 11

Like Clockwork.

I picked up this unusual chain at Brick Lane this weekend its made from reclaimed chains and the clockwork from watches.
It's hard to see the pretty detailing on this but it is really cute being able to see all the cogs and exposed clockwork.

Peplums Ahoy!

Today I thought I would try my hand at the Peplum as I have been spotting it in quite a few A/W campaigns. Obviously I put a retro spin on it keeping it short rather than the modern way of slightly longer almost like a skirt. I found the cutest little Peplum shirt on my travels looking sad and forgotten in the sale bit at Beyond,
Top; £7 Beyond Retro
Trousers: Around £30 Zara(Past season)
Belt: £5.99 H&M
Chain: £20 Brick Lane sunday market
I will post some close ups of my new chain soon!!

Wet look Treggings

How smug was I when I spotted these beauties on the Givenchy catwalk recently.
Looking hot for A/W these super slick looking treggings (Trouser / Leggings) Will set you back a cool £1,430 smackers. Well they might set you back that much but I am more than happy with my Topshop replica's
(missing pockets and button detail! although I have never worn leggings with anything which sat above my hips - camel toe is a no no!)
coming in at a grand £18.00 I bought mine about month ago now & I predict a sell out when others finally cotton on!

Thursday, August 7

Putting the Louboutin in......

Hmmm what to say.....maybe only tears will do?!
Loving the zipper detal to the back! I heard on the grape vine that you can get the soles of your shoes painted...think I will have to look into it!

Wednesday, August 6

Today I am lusting after....

Louis Vuittons Fingerless gloves before it gets too cold to wear them!

Tuesday, August 5

Just give me the Choos

A cobolt out of the blue

My new shoes which I picked up recently in the TopShop sale....they brighten up dull black tights a treat. New blue - Check, feature heel - Check, Platform - Check. Then I got given the new Jimmy Choo catalogue Hmmmmmm.........I will be posting my favourites From Mr Choo shortly.

Eye Dream of....

Talika. There eye products are amazing!! I just finished the eye detox and will be investing in the new night eye mask. -

Today I am lusting after...

The new Givenchy mascara..Phenomen’'s over priced and will proberbly under perform but I'm a sucker for new beauty concepts! and will try anything to stretch my short eyelashes to new lengths. It comes in black and brown available from September and is £17.00

- I will post some before and afters as soon as I get my hands on some..

On my ipod.......

Duffy - Rockferry
Great sound track for the miserable weather!! makes me feel like a southern gal caught in a downtown Missippi storm. (Let's ignore the fact she is actually from Wales not Missippi and I am on a smelly london bus)

Monday, August 4

Work Etiquette ...

Today I braved my Hurwundeki skirt to work feeling very Miu Miu........I wish I hadn't really! I felt a little uncomfortable with the length. It's so hard to express my style in a blue chip environment! Lucky it's dress down day every day until October!! by the winter I will have a new plan! I am still eagerly awaiting my new Hello Kitty phone. I want it yesterday already! this is the last of my birthday presents I am waiting & waiting & waiting & waiting for....huff.
- Also in this pic: H&M black roll neck, H&M chunky chain,Patent and gold big buckle belt from small stall in Bangkok, Patent boots from a random shop on Oxford Street

Sunday, August 3

Things I heart today

My new pink ipod

Agent Provocateur underwear

Sexy legs and sexier shoes


Today I am lusting over....

......Chloe's new Cyndi totes.
Seen as I still have not got my Prada Fairies bag I have had to re-evaluate my obsession as winter is swiftly approaching!

Hammer time.....

All I have to say is:

You're in Paris, it's 2008! and the best you can do is a pair of pants that look like the sheet from a baby's crib wrapped around your body?

I know it's hot sweetie and for some strange reason some designers seem to think that we want hammer pants revisited. We don't (they didn't look good the first time) and this is what happens when you mindlessly follow "fashion"...... invest in a pair of linen pants, much more versatile, chic and cheap and you wont look like you pooped your pants. (which is the vision I always get with these for some weird reason)

The skirt say's Pow!

This is my topshop skirt which i love! I got it discounted as a few rows of sequins were dropping...I had to have it and it was the last size 6 so i got it and broke out the sewing kit.....(it took me ages and i got neck ache) BUT i love it and cant wait to wear it out on my trip to Milan later this year!

-Also in this pic BCBG Girls heels H&M vest and halter neck bra worn crossed at the front to mix it up, suede 80's Clutch from Absolute Vintage, vintage earrings half inched from Aiesha when we were in Thailand tee hee share and share alike!

Business as usual.......

While i was in Paris last weekend I found the perfect site for my cute little shop!! It was narrow and very small very chic and very parisian My plan is hindered by a few small points.

1. I don't live in Paris

2. I dont speak french (although i understand it as my grand mother spoke it to me alot)

3. It is in the most expensive district in Paris

4. I dont own a business! (Yet!)

5. Simba does not have a passport

Friday, August 1

Introducing Simba....

This is my baby Simba....I think he is the best behaved and most handsome Teacup Terrier i have ever met.

That comfy kinda love!

While shopping in Paris with the balls of my feet burning, similar I am sure to the feeling of walking on hot coals. I discovered Espradrilles (I really didnt like them before) my boyfriend picked me up a pair of plain cream espadrilles and I reluctantly slipped them on......and POW not only did they effortlessly match my outfit (Peach skinnys from all saints and checkered old maids shirt form Spitalfields) fit around my feet like ribbons feel as though they were made just for me they also felt like I had had them for years! they!! How could i have been missing out on these stylish gems? I started my research as soon as i got home and found this site! I will be investing in 2 pairs at least! Pink and black!

Work in progress.....

I have just got back from Paris (a suprise birthday trip from my boyfriend)...a week later i am still not reorganized!! I have however been storing up posts for my new adventures in cyberland. So here are a few to make your visit not a complete waste of bandwidth :0x

What the CROC!

I was dismayed to find an overgrown man on the tube wearing silver crocs!! Everyone knows the rules.....Crocs should not be worn by anyone over five years of age, Unless for some strange reason you want to look like noddy!....