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Tuesday, June 30

Part Time GFW

My 2nd piece was published on Fashion Capital (YAY) please have a look over the fantastic show LCF graduates put on. My fave is the ruffled corseted over sized bolero jacket. All photos taken by Moi =0)

Vintage today

Although I feel I have fallen completely out of love with vintage, as per every summer I find something hidden away that makes me remember......
I bought this cutey on a trip to Brighton with an old Friend about 3 years ago
Stag skull necklace from Brick Lane Sunday market.

Not as important as you think..

I love Karl and his humour is right on my wave length along with his creative directions.... He has been sporting this bag to quite a few shows. Soon to be available from the acclaimed Collette Boutique

Friday, June 26

Fashion with a cause

I do love a bit of fashion with something real behind it
Picked this body suit in H&M It's a fashion against AIDS piece 25% of each sale goes towards HIV/AIDS awareness prevention and education.
Collaborations on the project include;Dita Von Teese, Estelle, Katy Perry, N.E.R.D, Robyn, Yoko Ono Rosin Murphy and Moby.
My bodysuit reads; Protection is power

I am planning on teaming this with a cute pair of denim shorts while in Hawaii..surfing or something.

Muggy City

Today was muggy and damp. It was one of those days.
I tried out a new twist in my hair and I really like it. Pulled back hair instant face lift!! I like that is pulled back but doesn't look severe.
Wearing top and pendent from H&M Zara pants sword earrings from spitalfields and Espadrilles from Gallerie La Fayette, Paris

Thursday, June 25

Invite arrived!!

Tomorrow I am off to the Part Time Fashion BA awards....All very exciting.
Also Fashion Capital has asked me to be a regular contributor on the site....YAY and YAY again...


Saw these in the London paper and I really like them. They look suspiciously like the Alexander Wang ones for GAP.....Hmm I am on the hunt.

Monday, June 22

Lusting after

Ash spot heel canvas lace ups - I need these in my life!
They are just genius seen as I wanted a pair of white converse but now wearing flats actually hurts more then wearing heels (strange but true)
Perfect for travel and those times you want to wear heels but it is "Situation inappropriate" (as my boyfriend would say), like when walking on grass for example or going to the formula 1!