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Sunday, June 7

Stress = DIY

So I have been feeling a little stressed lately and for me a little bit of DIY always helps. So I dug out the needle and thread and started doing a few of the things I have been promising myself I would do for a while.......... I decided to tie dye my washed out and over used H&M jeans and was chuffed with the result. I took inspiration for the Balmain jeans i saw but decided not to destress them or rip them, its not really me and definatly not ripped ones at that.
I finally altered this dress I had sitting in the back of my wardrobe. It had long sleeves originally but I had an issue with the shoulders as they were not broad enough for me. So I chopped them right off and made some cute puff sleeves as I really loved the colour and print and didn't want to let it go. Still need to finish of under the arms (Magic hem here I come!)

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FAN said...

Its all about DIY, especially with the credit crunch. Great blog. Jeans are so rock chick.