Creme De La Trend

"Obsessively opposed to the typical"

Monday, October 19


Landing after a 12hr flight to stop Honolulu!
TK Maxx Biker Boots
Whistles Comic Tee
Bread Jeans
H&M hair Bow
Primark Folded Ribbon Gem Necklace
Mango Tassel Bag
Reiss Ltd Edition Sunnies

Thursday, October 15

More holiday listening and easy reading!

Having a quick skip through Shakira's album and I am super excited!! Some good tracks on there! Also flicked through The Time Travellers Wife also looks like a good read (although the film did not lure me to the cinema)

Monday, October 12

Beach Reading!!

I have a lot of flying coming up and I am actually happy! I will have the time to sink my teeth into a good book! I am especially looking forward to reading Anna Wintours Bio!

Yummy Yummy!!

Flower Bomb is a firm fave of mine, I cant wait to get a whiff of this latest offering from my favourite duo!!

Music for my travels

Temper Trap - Conditions
Obviously in love with "Sweet disposition" but the rest of the album is shaping up pretty well.
You will like this if you like Kings of Leon or the sound track to "The Hills"
No introduction needed - His tickets for Alexandra palace sold out in 10 seconds last Friday

Sunday, October 11


I went to see my fave lady showing at Brick Lane market today and finally purchased my 2nd Galibardy heirloom! (The discount I got helped me along, as I am supposed to be saving for LA shopping!) Yes they are my real nails! !!

Just call me Miss PR......

I have been offered a job to work as in house PR for Precious. I am over the moon Kate (my new boss) seems very nice and it is just what I have been looking for to top it off the boutique is amazing and she stocks some great labels! There goes all my wages........