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Thursday, January 27

French Fancy

My latest girl crush! Clemency Posey
Long gone are the Harry Pothead days hello to the little fashionista.....
Everything a chic french girl should be!
So adorable! 

Shel xoxo

Tuesday, January 25

Modern Vintage

Loving these jewels... I see myself with one of his necklaces a pair of toffee camel chinos a white tee and tan wedges...... So St Tropez!!!! Don't forget the sunnies....Bvlgari of course
Price point: £300 +

Shel xoxo

Saturday, January 15

Show me the light......

New phone!!! and i am in love love love!!!!!!

Didn't get on with the iPoo and the HTC Desire was a rid of both and got the new Blackberry Torch.

Great functionality, great size. Love having the option of keys and touch screen.

Only thing i miss is my weather app :( but i think i can download a similar thing for this.


Shel xoxo

Next Outing

So I will be heading down to the museums soon, I wanted to catch the wildlife photography awards at the Natural History Museum and will make a day out of it and visit my favourite museum the V&A.

I saw this exhibition advertised and would love to go and see it. I will be actively trying to expand my creative mind in 2011.

Its pretty expanded at the moment but this year I want to get it all down and focus on channeling it some how......

Anyway this exhibition looks great! Catch it if you can! If not i will try and take some pics for you guys

Shel xoxo


Who doesn't love this campaign?!

This got me so so excited for the summer! First campaign that gave me goose bumps in 2011!!
Colours are so warm and rich. 
Jewel tones are my favourite sort of colours because they are essentially primary but with so much more depth. 
Feast your eyes on these beauties.... and imagine.......


Shel xoxo


Happy new year my lovers!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! I certainly did!!! Spent time making new friends and spending time with my loved ones.

Creme De La Trend has been on my  mind for the new year! and is currently undergoing an overhaul in my crazay mind!

Watch this space!!

Wanted to do a post on this polish quickly! I have been super busy of late but will soon be back on track. 

I am in search of a new photographer  to make my life a little easier with posting what I am wearing on a daily basis 

I think taking pics at work during the day is getting a bit cheeky :)

Anyway just bought this top coat from Katy Perry's new range.

I bought the top coat to go with my existing HUGE collection of colours but for the summer the dark pink base coat is catching my eye too.

Its a great concept you paint your nails what ever colour you choose then paint the black top coat on (when your base coat is completely dry) it drys and cracks into a pattern that is completely individual (and looks a bit like animal print) Can't wait to experiment!!

Not sure about the campaign but, well, she's a cutie and the concept is great :) I am super excited about the coming seasons seeing lots of colours which sit very well with me indeed for S/S 11. 

Shel xoxo