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Tuesday, July 26

Cheeky Little Minx

Today I visited the Daniel Galvin Salon in Marylebone.
I went with my girlfriend to get my nails Minx'ed for Ibiza and I LOVE LOVE THEM!!!!
It is the first time I have had this done and I am really happy with the result! I went with a hologram design as I didn't fancy the full on gold or silver!

Its graduated into a clear coat.
I got so many comments on how nice they looked and I must say they are well worth doing!! The staff were lovely and it had a really nice atmosphere! Very chilled and up beat! all the girls were smiling and being polite! I think its important when you go for a pamper thats exactly what you get! Agro on a girly day is not allowed! ah ah!!

Have you noticed the little snap shots of my new bunny Rabito? He is my awesome new iPhone cover! he can stand up on my desk or pop his tail off and clean my screen! His ears double as earphone holders too!

Shel xoxo

Tuesday, July 19

Take me to heaven.......

I was invited to this exhibition by a friend and I am SUPER excited to go! you should definitely try to catch this and if you cant invest in the book that is published alongside 

(Insider tip: If you wait a month or so after the exhibition has closed the book should go down in price, if you can wait 6mths it will reduce considerably - but be careful with highly anticipated exhibitions...these books may actually increase in price or sell out if the event was a sell out success and people couldn’t get in!!)

Hopefully we will head down before I head off to Ibiza.

Glamour of the Gods @ The National Portrait Gallery
7th July - 23rd October 2011

"Glamour of the Gods is a celebration of Hollywood portraiture from the industry's 
'Golden Age', the period 1920 to 1960" 

Shel xoxo

Monday, July 18

Alexander the great....

I have been investing a lot in my library at the moment, with my birthday coming up I am hoping to get some really special books I would like (and some diamond studs)

Got this book a few weeks back and nursed it the whole day!! if you have not seen it in the flesh find it! Simples..........
A selection of images from the book but NOT the best!!
(Nice surprise for you when you finally get it in your hands!)

Savage Beauty

Shel xoxo

Post on the go!

My new toy!!
Hopefully this will help me blog to you more often with the addition of the mobile blog tool with Blogger!!
Pic taken with my Olympus :0)
I seem to have all my electricals in white these days!!
I wonder if a white TV would look nice! I want the new Samsung 3D TV! have you seen it? It can change none 3D movies into 3D!!!!

Shel xoxo

Stripe while the iron's hot!!!

The sun came out! I took the opportunity to re-run a golden oldy!
If you are going to do nautical stripes (every single year......) I think the simpler the better! classic classic and some more classic. No seasonal cuts, fabrics or bright ideas :)
The belt is optional and a nice way to stop it looking...old!

I also managed to get this watch on loan for the day! how much do I wish it was mine??! Almost as much as I would like to be able to spend 3.5K on a ruddy watch!!!!!! 

Shel xoxo

Photo Play

Totally fed up with using software to "fix" my shots into cool ones!
So I have been gifted this gorgeous Camera with the ability to take beautiful pictures with the right knowledge. It was a toss up between this and a small (if you can call  it that) Nikon. Although amazing cameras I do think Nikon's are so showy offy and also don't you think the "Nikon Necklace" looks awful??!? Not only is this retro style camera a real looker it has the ability to help me learn how to use a "real" camera it doesn't have to many auto functions and so you have to learn about lots of interesting things like depth of field...... see MY practise shots below!!

Look forward to some interesting photography :)
Shel xoxo

Me love you long time!!


So would you believe I have had complaints about my lack of posts?
(yeah and not just you Cookie Monster)

I know I have been awful of late but I have been up to lots travelling lots and just have not had the time (or the material to be honest) to sit down and write to you guys! Couldn't tell you the last time I actually sat down and read a mag!!
I have been busy on my new bike visiting my friends and exploring London in a new fashion
 (excuse the pun)
Learning how to use my sexy new camera!! (I am planning on doing a fashion photography course)
And also learning how I can blog while on the move to you guys!!

Stick with it - PLEEEEEASE :ox

Shel xoxo