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Tuesday, June 22

The bigger picture....

I have been super busy and a bad blogger!!!

I have lots to tell you but I need to sit down and do a proper post.... For now a quick update of my looks, My new chairs I won at auction a sweet clutch (it has chalk and you can draw / write on it) that I want and me with Matthews elephant from the elephant parade top floor in Selfridges! I also bought a baby elephant replica and am completely besotted!!! A Baby E I spotted that day. I really can't wait for the parade!!

Shel xoxo

Sunday, June 13


Its a cloudy humid day today......!

Listening to melancholy music......
I am taking my mother out for a meal in a while, I guess I better get my act together!!

Yesterday I headed to Angel I had fun looking at the vintage on the lanes. I picked up a pair of amazing french 50's earrings.. They are similar to a pair I blogged about before but they cost me £12.00 instead of £1,210.00!!

P.s sorry for the poorly posted youtube vids......need to work out how to post them properly.
Shel xoxo

Saturday, June 12

The long and short of it....

Today I feel positively.....meh.

Shorts - Zara
Tee - Gap
Shoes - Aldo

Shel xoxo

Friday, June 11


Having still not found any comfortable flats in a mid price range I am always on the look out!

I saw these by Anniel and will be trying them this weekend. My only bug bear is, it doesn't look like they do 1/2 sizes which is slightly irritating

Shel xoxo

Vintage Shopping (again)

Today I went for a meal at Cuba Libre (Ole!!) The vintage market was still open.

so I had a browse and this silky little onesie caught my eye!

Also noticed a funny label in my vintage skirt...I wonder if it is vintage 80's Topshop...

Photos which I forgot to post of my American Apparel trousers
Shell xoxo

Wednesday, June 9

THE Wedding...

Wedding of the year for sure!!
More delectable pics to follow!! Seville is just beautiful...

Shel xoxo

Funny Sunday!

I made the turban myself after not finding any suitable offerings....

Shel xoxo

Rain, rain go away......

English weather is deppressing. Fact.
Shel xoxo

Most loved

This is my fave summer dress right now it has a cheeky little space man on it that pops up every now and then. I am super surprised about the amount of wear I am getting out of my Whistles blazer...shaping up to be quite a staple of mine!
I bought these shoes at the Reiss sample sale. Perfect summer colour for me!
I now own a great feather duster I needed an extremely long one as now I have super high ceilings with high corners I can't reach!!

Today's details...

Shel xoxo

Animal Print

Not being a huge fan of animal print (with the exception of the Dolce leopard print I was surprised to find I liked this shirt! although what animal it is supposed to be exactly I am not sure....dalmatian?? 

Today's details.....

Trousers - Zara (current)
Shoes - Dolce & Gabbana (past season)
Earrings - Vivienne Westwood
Bracelets - Milan street stall
Shel xoxo


So I have been looking for a plain jumpsuit for a while but they all seem to look like they belong on 4 year olds so I ditched the high street and went vintage! (Next best thing to high end I think)

The result a cute little romper that will work all summer!

Shel xoxo

Bright Chinos

I picked up these amazing chino's in H&M I love the bright colour that brings them bang up to date and makes them much less city worker on dress down Friday

Today's details..

Trousers - H&M (current)
Tee - Oasis
Clips - H&M
Pearl Earrings - Seville Airport

Shel xoxo

Day out in Fulham Broadway

Dress AllSaints at Bicester (Past season)
Sandals KG
Bag Bimba&Lola
Shel xoxo

Tuesday, June 8

If we have to go over this again!

OK so yet again there seems to be an influx of jelly shoes for the summer! Why anyone would need jelly shoes anywhere except for the beach I don't know but if I had to have a pair then it would be these from DVF. Neutral colour, stylish (not childish) and interesting....


Diane Von Furstenburg Jelly gladiators available at ~£70

Shel xoxo

Style crush 06/10

The delectable Olivia... dislike her attitude love her style!

Photos from

Shel xoxo