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Thursday, March 31

Great Article.

Wish I could load it up on here but not sure that's strictly legal (boooooo) 
Shel xoxo

Monday, March 28

Monday Morning Get Up

Making my journey in that little bit easier on a Monday.....

Wretch 32 - Unorthodox
Shel xoxo

Saturday, March 26

Sunday Song!

My flat is desperate after having builders in this week!
Loving this from RiRi and Dave G - Got me dancing around enough to tackle the dishes in my heels :)
Shel xoxo

Thursday, March 24


Shel xoxo

Want of the week!

Scrape that - want of the year!

Anna has one....

Rihanna has one...
I want one!!!!

Fake Fur Stole - Prada.
Shel xoxo

Tuesday, March 22

Sunny Days!

Yesterday I had lunch in the sun with my girlie - My nails looked absolutely radioactive in the sun!!

Trousers - Zara
Shirt - Dolce & Gabbana
Blazer - Topshop
Peter Pan shoes - Oasis
Bag - Mulberry
Shel xoxo

Saturday, March 19


My perfect summer dress.
Sigh - very VERY pricey.
Available at Matches (of course)
Lulu & Co
Shel xoxo

Never let her go......

Wow Karl really loves my Freya eh?!
Yet another Chanel campaign seems Karl can't find anyone quite as right!!
Yay!! She IS the perfect Chanel girl anyway!!

Shel xoxo

Campaign you need to see - Mulberrys pink posey's

Girls are a bit strange looking but the campaign is super sweet!
My fave? The oversized Bayswater in matt nude - Yummy yummy!
Hmm strange but I think the Alexa came and went and passed me by........
Interesting to see if in 2yrs it will still be on the "it bag" list like the bayswater still is.
I will have to ask my fashion twin (Fountain of all knowledge on high end hardware) but I like the bag pictured in the last image on the left a bit like a duffel bag but with nice handles, would look good in red/cobalt blue no?

Shel xoxo

Your host

Hello it's me  :)
I pinned my hair up the other day and got so many comments on how nice it looked of course I needed to share it with you!
You have asked me to do a video tutorial on a few of my hair styles so that's something I will try to put together - I am not gonna talk though! don't you hate hearing yourself on video playback??
I think I have been eternally mortified from hearing my audition for a presenting job..... but that's another story!
Don't ask me how I did this!! It took me about 5mins max! pining my hair is something I just do well!
(on a list of not many things)
Please excuse shiny forehead and tired eyes! (Long day)
Did you notice my new bright pumps? Post on those soon - pinkie promise!!

Shel xoxo

Saturday Shop - Spring Transition - Boxy blouse

Picked this great shirt up in Zara! Ticks lots of boxes for the easiest spring tremd!
The masculine shirt should be unfussy boxy and loose, check check check! all at a great price point too.
It looks great on! it has a longer hem at the back, nice pocket detail and its sleevless so will go under all my 3/4 length blazers (always have my sleeves rolled up anyway!)
Get one before they all go!

Instore today Zara @ £22.00

DVF & Sportmax SS11

Shel xoxo

Nail Junkie...

Brightest most neon yellow polish!! bye bye mustard and lemon drop yellows hello neon nails!

Anytime I am looking for something out of the ordinary dramatic or special I always turn to Illa. Its one of those alternative brands that I could never wear head to toe but it can add the element of interest I like to have in my look. Something unexpected, different or original is always good for a look,just have to make sure it's in the right quantity!
Illa Masques latests campaign looks very similar to my old friends at Cirque De Soliel!!


Shel xoxo

Wednesday, March 16

Yellow Canary

Loving bright nails right now....

Shel xoxo

A pirates life for me!!

In my what seems like an eternal search for the jumper Rhianna wears in her "whats my name" video I have been wide eyed for anything in cornflower blue!

So off I went to Absolute vintage to have a rummage and then stopped off in urban outfitters where I came across this gorgeous over sized silk shirt! Its a reworked vintage piece and although it looks hideous just hung up it is SUPER cute on! It has cute iridescent buttons and looks best tucked in or tied at the front (gently) with the sleeves rolled - I can't wait to wear it!!! just have to find some cornflower blue polish and I guess I will have my Ri Ri inspired look!!
I still NEED a mohair jumper/cardigan though!

Also picked up this skull I have had my eye on for a while, I actually wanted an Jewel encrusted one a la Damian Hirst but I don't have the millions. (Not to mention its a real human skull-Gross!)

This one is just as sexy! Its pearlised! a fake skull and looks hot on my desk :)

Silk Shirt + Skull - Urban Outfitters

Shel xoxo

Saturday, March 12

Saturday Shop - Trend you know!!

Pleated Maxi!!
Hides a multitude of sins, elongates, adds elegance and style kudos in one hit!

This is how I worked it LAST summer ;)
Stick with me kid! You would be over it before it even began :)

Black multi layer - Absolute Vintage - £10
Grey front pleat chiffon with suede waist - H&M (£5 in the sale because no one wanted them!!!)

In stores today......
Peacocks £18

Whistles x 2 £95+

Semi Couture - £215 -

A.L.C £675 -

Trend point to note?
High end = floor length Vs High st = knee or short length!!
If I am to buy (yet another) skirt in this style it will be floor length = breezy in the summer and shielding in the autumn!!

Shel xoxo