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Wednesday, March 9

Satchel for the lady!!

Now I love a good old satchel and my blue one is a staple in my closet but I must say I am  getting a little bored of all the variations of largely the exact same thing!

Cambridge school satchels seem to be making a "come back" but how can they come back when it was only last summer everyone had to have one?! and lets face it a hard satchel in the winter never quite works does it?

So I must say I am delighted to see Moschino mixing it up a bit with what I have named the "Lady Satchel"!
Although not best pleased with the choice of model for this campaign they shot it where I think SO MANY more campaigns should have already been shot! Outside the Duomo in Milan!!

The structure of the top handle, the contrast colour over the edges and the detail over each tab makes this a firm "Ladies" bag! 
We likey!

While I am on the subject of bags have you seen the new Hermes clutches?
Can't get a Kelly in your clutches?? (sorry bad joke!)

Then how about one of these beauties!
A pop of colour is always a good look and these will stand the test of time! after our summer of Copacabana (can't wait) is over these will still look great!!   Once everyone else slides back into the blacks, blues and greys of winter (and checks...little insider tip for ya'll)
I would still be rocking my brights toned down with black I think the colour I will be buying into the most this season will be orange! Again!! I already have a lot of orange in my wardrobe and it has stayed there for years!  
Loving the trims on these!!!
Shel xoxo

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