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Tuesday, May 31

Neon Brights & City Lights

Loving all the brights about at the mo. Even after a huge drop in temperature here in London I am still holding onto sunshine!!!!
I am not usually a fan of "all in one" type things but I am loving this drop waisted tee shirt dress/skirt from Cos!!
I think I will be recreating this style alot with separates this summer!

Shel xoxo

Friday, May 27


In love with my clogs.....YES clogs! I have always wanted a pair of these but with price points over £100 I couldn't bring myself to pay that with the risk they will be uncomfortable!

How wrong was I? Picked these babies up in H&M and they are super comfy and SUPER cute!!
I bought them in 3 colours (excessive I know) but when you find something you like......

Teamed them with my Sandi (From Grease) American apparel trousers and box shirt from Zara!!
I likey!!!
Shel xoxo

Summer??! what summer!

Invested in this light coloured coat....its a nice transitional piece being beige and collarless gives it a lighter feeling than my wool winter coat.. 

Shel xoxo

Black and Yellow

Finally found some sweet loafers I like! I bought some new Raybans - I was going to get the black and gold but the lady in the shop showed me these black and brown ones (new season) and I loved them! I went for the unisex size (medium) as I think I can carry them off! the smaller ones are to delicate for my face lol!
Glad I did get the brown actually because there seems to be an influx of the black ones at the moment and my pet hate is looking the same as everyone else!! 

Shel xoxo

Le Crazy Horse rides into town.......

I am very excited to be going to the Supper Club here in London this weekend!
They have them all over the world! I have been to the one in Bangkok and it was an amazing place!

The concept is, no tables and chairs you kick back on huge sofas and have your dinner served on low trays while being entertained by various artist, musicians  or performers. After dinner the club part of the venue opens and you can sip cocktails while listening to some of the best DJ's until the wee hours.
The entertainment on Sunday is the crazy horse troupe travelling through from there home in Paris!

I have always wanted to see Le Crazy Horse but the tickets verge on 200Eurs and there is always so much I have to do in Paris!
So many famous people have been to see the show and visited the Supper Club London.
I am going to get dressed up (or down) to the nines. We are expecting a special guest......I really REALLY hope it is Dita!!!

Shel xoxo

Tuesday, May 24

Look into my eyes!!

So I know these posts are not strictly "fashion" related but its nice to mix it up a bit no?
Here are a list of a few exibitions and shows I will be seeing in the coming months in London Town!
Try and get yourself along if you can!
You get fashion inspiration for yourself!! and you find it in the strangest of shouldnt be restricted to being inspired by whats on the runway or what celebrity is wearing what! After all everything your looking at (fashion shows included) is old hat! Old for the designer (belive me when that last model walks backstage they (the designer) is already in an almighty panic about the next seasons collection!!
Karl, Coco, Marc and Victor and all the greats find inspiration in travel and music, film, theatre, sights, smells and most importantly experiances in life. True inspiration is just that. Inspired.
Anyway after my little rant! I am super excited to be going to see Derren Brown at the Shaftsbury theatre in June! Lets hope he does not drag me on stage!!!!

I am also going to see Sade at the O2 in a private box 
(Never had a box at a concert before....feel like I should wear gloves - hehe)

Shel xoxo

Friday, May 20

While I was researching the below.....

I happened upon my fair lady......
Not too sure how often she does that though lol

Shel xoxo

Ride on......

Imagine my delight at being gifted this beautiful bike!
I have been looking at all the London cycle routes I am going to be exploring this summer!! and am super excited to be cycling around London with my friends and going to visit exciting places with my puppy in tow!!
These bikes are still hand made in England since 1926 and are steeped in heritage.
They have the cutest features like the huge basket at the front (Simba's seat) front lamp, leather seat which moulds perfectly to your personal derrière and a skirt guard! (for days your wearing a midi or maxi - a true fashionistas bike huh!) and built in security lock! can you believe they are the longest existing bicycle manufacturer's in England? and they still use the same designs (LOVE it)
I opted for the black! as obviously it goes with everything :0) and I will buy some white walled tyres next summer!

I fell in love with this style of bike after a summer holiday in Milan, spent using a similar one all over the city....... I would kill to take this to Rome with me next month!!!

Shel xoxo

Sunday, May 8

Two shakes of a lambs tale!

Working on my creativity!! I think I need a holiday!! This Easter was a little bit hectic for me but I have been keeping my eye on whats going on in the world of fashion! Did you see everyone at the met ball? and hands up if you preferred Pippa's dress to Kate's at the Royal Wedding!!
(I heard rumours that Cameron Diaz had worn the same dress at an awards show!)

You know how sometimes you need to stop, take stock and NOT think about fashion for a while?
 I have been out and about doing fun things like sleeping in late, going to Trapeze class, boozing eating alfresco in Soho and sitting in the park reading!
I have wanted to blog about a few things and while I am sat here paying my bills I thought I would do a quick update (for any fans I have left!)
Shel xoxo