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Sunday, May 8

Two shakes of a lambs tale!

Working on my creativity!! I think I need a holiday!! This Easter was a little bit hectic for me but I have been keeping my eye on whats going on in the world of fashion! Did you see everyone at the met ball? and hands up if you preferred Pippa's dress to Kate's at the Royal Wedding!!
(I heard rumours that Cameron Diaz had worn the same dress at an awards show!)

You know how sometimes you need to stop, take stock and NOT think about fashion for a while?
 I have been out and about doing fun things like sleeping in late, going to Trapeze class, boozing eating alfresco in Soho and sitting in the park reading!
I have wanted to blog about a few things and while I am sat here paying my bills I thought I would do a quick update (for any fans I have left!)
Shel xoxo

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Syrious said...

very cute
hope you'll follow me so i'll do the same