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Wednesday, January 28


The new Vivienne Tam HP Mini Note book......I have devised a cunning plan of how I can raise the cash.....
Will keep you posted!

Lust of the day......

Gucci's bright pink or purple "New Jackie Bag" Nice with an Allsaints oversized white tee, denim leggings and platforms!

Saturday, January 24

Hello Kitty Crisps in Italia

Came with free magnets and a frame :0)

Summer Dreaming.....

Cinque Terre... was just amazing the cutest place EVER if only my ruby slippers really were magic!! until I am blessed with returning all I have is my pictures.

My book and watch list winter 09

This is what I watched and read over the holidays....classics!! oh and of course copious amounts of SATC and The Hills :0) Iget inspiration from the oldies.
In europe they also do special Vouge Shoes and Vouge Accessories seasonally.

Discount Village rocks

I went to Bicescter Village before xmas they have opened lots of new shops including my favourite designer (McQueen) and my 2010 favourite Luella. D&G have opened a new store so they now have 2. I picked up:
  • McQueen Scarf
  • Luella Purse and skirt
  • D&G Undies
  • Agent P Bikini for my holiday

Friday, January 23

These boots were made for walking.....

...........right into my christmas wonderland dreams!
An absolutly AMAZING present from my loved one's folks! will model them in action soon!
Dont be fooled by the runway edit these boots are fierce!

Discovering Italy....

So as most of you know I was in Italy this xmas and new years.. Actually Italy can be a little quiet in the winter months. Alot of places are closed and shops are open less hours, alot of public holidays etc.... Going out is a bit of a pain as quite a few of the bars and night clubs operate only in the summer months...

I did however descover a few new things when I went to italy,

  • They have a very cool pre dinner "happy hour" sort of thing where they offer cocktails at cut prices and you get free canapes and snacky things like little pizzas etc it is very nice and just perfect for your post shopping drinks when you need a little snack and a drink but should really wait till dinner.
  • Dolce and Gabbana have many many fingers in many many pies.......

  • There are no 24 hr petrol stations with shops!
  • You have to buy parking permits to park in central Milan only available from selected shops which of course were mainly closed!!
  • It snows alot in winter
  • They have cute puppies like my Simba! which are allowed to go into the shops with you!!

I seem to be falling deeply in love with Italy despite all the obvious difficulty of being unable to speak much more than basic Italian!

Away with the feeries.......

This is my new Van Cleef and Arples perfume. I picked up a bottle on my way to Italy in the airport as it is SOO over priced here and as far as I know is only stocked in Harrods.
Even though I hate Violets Sweets to eat, and thought I would feel the same about musty violet smell, I must sayI was pleasantly surprised this perfume's strongest note is violet but it smells amazing and the bottle is defiantly a keeper.. with its jeweled base and silver feerie perched on a branch it really is adorable!

Lust Have of the week......

I really really need this super cute Chanel in my yesterday!!!

Saturday, January 10

Happy New Year!!

I know i have been really slack with updating my blog. And this year i will be making more of an effort to get my blog a bigger following. Posts to come shortly include:
  • Yet another wedding! (My Karen Millen dress which thinks its a Chanel!)
  • my new Dolce and Gabbana boots (a christmas gift from my boyfriends parents!)
  • My spoils from Bichester Village (Inc: Luella, Alexander McQueen, D&G and Agent P)
  • Sale gems (F-Troupe flats and comfy cardi's)
  • S/S o9 forecast
  • Stanstead duty free gems
  • Milan winter nightlife
  • 2009 travel plans!! (begins with a H ends with a I!!)
  • New favourite (and much more popular than mine) blogs!

Ciao xx