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Saturday, January 10

Happy New Year!!

I know i have been really slack with updating my blog. And this year i will be making more of an effort to get my blog a bigger following. Posts to come shortly include:
  • Yet another wedding! (My Karen Millen dress which thinks its a Chanel!)
  • my new Dolce and Gabbana boots (a christmas gift from my boyfriends parents!)
  • My spoils from Bichester Village (Inc: Luella, Alexander McQueen, D&G and Agent P)
  • Sale gems (F-Troupe flats and comfy cardi's)
  • S/S o9 forecast
  • Stanstead duty free gems
  • Milan winter nightlife
  • 2009 travel plans!! (begins with a H ends with a I!!)
  • New favourite (and much more popular than mine) blogs!

Ciao xx

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