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Monday, July 27

Thursday, July 23

More money than sense?

I found these! Completely pointless converse style trainers from Diesel today.
I had to do a post on them because it really bugs me when I see "distressed" clothes and shoes for sale from big brands. I beg the question - WHAT IS THE POINT? in any case you can just buy a cheap pair of trainers and be particularly thoughtless with them and never wash them (or for the above effect chuck them in with your darks!) to get the same effect FREE! Well I for 1 won't be parting with a big £72.00 to have the pleasure of receiving a brand new pair of trainers which look like they have be sold and worn by 10 others before me!

Monday, July 20

Your nebula is showing.....

Stumbled upon these ultra cute leggings today and fell in love with the stars!!
Shabd who also does art installations (latest was shown at Mountain fold in NY) hand dyes all her pieces and so each one is slightly different
I need at least one of these great pieces as a wicked alternative to the sickly sweet hippie inspired tie dye I am seeing everywhere.
I will defiantly be investing in a crop top and a pair of leggings.
Lucky for us Londoners she also ships to the UK for $12.99
Bio below (have a read it is very interesting xoxo)
Designer Shabd Simon-Alexander creates limited edition collections based on simple feminine shapes with attention to fabric combinations and compositions. Her method working with fabrics draws from minimalist art, quiltmaking, and the folk costume tradition of beginning one dress with the remnants from the last. She began doing her own hand dying to create fabrics that could interact playfully with the rigidity of manufactured prints. She now offers a limited edition line of hand dyed accent pieces, inspired by Hubble telescope photos of worlds being born and stars dying. They bring design, chance and chaos into a perfect balance. "I am inspired by people who live in a self-sustaining manner, growing plants and raising animals for food and clothing fibers, building their homes, and trading locally for what they can’t make themselves. I love the idea of investing your time and energy into one outfit that you make from start to finish, shearing the wool from the sheep on your farm, spending months weaving it into an intricate pattern that tells the story of where you live, your family history, and your own personal tastes, and then creating a garment that you wear every day, working, cooking, to the market, to prayer, until the threads become bare. I don't have sheep and I don't weave my own fabric (yet), but I do make outfits that I wear every day!" The collection, previously sold exclusively in Japan, is now available online for the first time at For custom or wholesale pricing and inquiries, please contact

Friday, July 17

Luella Ribbon Lovely

Sigh, yummy dress perfect for the xmas ball.
I will dream about being wrapped in Luella like a Christmas gift.

Love from Chloe

I am in love with these pieces from Chloe Winter 09 collection....
I defiantly want some velvet this winter and a pair of over the knee boots

Tuesday, July 14

Funny Bones

In KRAZY love with these leggings from Tea and Cake!!

Flower Pot Girl

At the market last Sunday gathering images for my article...
Cute playsuit with Flamingo print. And still loving top knots!!

Thursday, July 9

Red Eye

I picked up a pressed face powder and red (yes red) eyeshadow from my new find Illamasqua.
The lady at the Selfridges counter gave me a mini make over and it looked amazing - great price points also.
"Conceived in 1920's Berlin amidst the dark and drama of film and theatre; developed by professional make up artists and master technicians; embraced by the champions of alternative culture; now captured in essence by a unique British brand"
Illamasqua - for anyone who dares to break the rules

Winter coat: FOUND

I came across the Max Mara a/w collection. And I fell in love with this amazing coat.
I think I need to start saving Pronto.

Monday, July 6

Long Jersey Joe

Wore my new long jersy skirt today as the weather has taken a turn for the worst here in London Town.
I also happened upon a runway edit (after my purchase) and happened to see many many calf length jersey skirts for A/W I felt decidedly smug =0)

Renault World Series @ Silverstone

More pics to follow....

Foil me once....

Loving this foil trend..I am a little skeptical of how long it will last on "regular" peeps but very cool anyhow!

I think i just fainted....

I just watched the trailer for the documentry of Anna Wintour's The September Issue, which follows her while Vouge puts together the September issue. It looks Feirce. I CAN NOT WAIT!!
The film will be released in the UK on September 11 but will only spend a weekend in cinemas before going to DVD on September 14.

Thursday, July 2

Grey Neon Skys

Touched on my first neon's of the year today. Even though there have been neon nail varnish's all over the place I have always steered clear as it felt a little too raver Circa 1996 for me.
So I picked up these neon pink sandals and some really cute earrings to see if i could make neon work for me, and it did!!
I like the fact that I wore it with a muted colour as it seems to make the whole outfit summery and pop just a little bit!

OP Oh my!

OPI will be launching there Matt colours this month and I cant wait!
I will be snapping up the pink and the black and avoiding the white as i think it will just look like Tipex!! I am undecided on the green but think it may be cute for Autumn.
On the OPI website there is a really cool tool which lets you choose nail colours on a simulated hand which you can alter the skin colour and nail length on to match your own.