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Monday, August 30

My model of the moment......

 Freja Beha Erichsen here modelling for Max Mara
I like her because she doesn't look like an alien. she looks like a normal (pah, well almost normal) attractive everyday woman.
She is realistic not some super human goddess.
I think she is going to go far! and I really like her hair at the mo!
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Stella moment


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Girls just wanna have fun fun fun!!!!

More fun campaigns........ I will take this whole collection minus those hideous tights please thank you very much!!!

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I am sure you have all seen this campaign but I had to do a post just in case! I love it!

I am particularly enamoured with the nude doctor bags, all of the pointed toe bow shoes, the dark brown & nude leather skirts and the black dress in the first image.....

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Book List

All available on
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Tuesday, August 24


So I picked up this ring in a vintage jewellery shop in Notting hill. It was far to big but at £30 for solid gold and a garnet I wasn't going to say no! I loved the design and unusual colour of the stone, it also reminds me of the evil eye design which I adore so I snapped it up.

I got it resized (lost a lot of gold) that cost me £30 at this point I was a little annoyed, and then I asked the jeweller to value it for me! They valued it at £250!!

Happy days!

Shel xoxo

A strange connection...

I adore Tilda but am not so keen on Pringle. I was surprised she is the new face of this brand interesting combination and interesting to see what direction they want to take the brand in....

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Update on a classic

Came across these new YSL Tributes......

Nice update for winter with the closed sides and a great colour for the coming seasons, while keeping the traditional tribute signature straps and stacks...Yummy!

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Cool things......

Now I know this isn't strictly a fashion post, but I do enjoy a tad of interior design every now and then.

I had to post this new exercise bike, it really is something. Personally I would always prefer a running machine due to the awkward ugliness of your average exercise bike. All that changed when I saw this. what a nice bit of kit! Now all I need is the house on the lake!!!! 

Shel xoxo

Re - Post

 I am sure I have posted this pic before, but really, I just love it so much I think I am going to get it framed!

If I ever met this man I think I might pass out!!

He is everything I think an amazing designer should be, funny, eccentric, clever, unapologetic and inspirational. Making amazing designs (which he sketches at all hrs inc 3AM after seeing it in his dreams...)
Karl we salute you!

Shel xoxo

This could be underwater love.....

Seems the world of catwalking is become a dangerous past time!
This fashion show was held to open a new mall in Korea. Please note lack of oxygen equipment!!!

I must say it does look beautiful these are traditional Hanbok dresses worn mainly in the 18th century during the Joseon Dynasty but becoming popular again of late. With the update of colours and materials I can see why. Very pretty!

Immediately made me think of the Smoke City song which I love (and I hope they used!).....

Which in turn made me think of.........

The sea does funny things to me.....mystical scary magical space!!!

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Saturday, August 21

Friday, August 20

Hope you bought your flats!!!

OK this is really really funny, during Copenhagen Fashion Week they amazed crowds with a mile long catwalk!!
Yes the models all had to walk a mile in there shoes...(which may I add are usually ill fitting at catwalk shows) the video its pretty impressive and a nice idea but maybe taken to a slight extreme. I imagine it must have felt like watching someone pass you in the street.
It beat the world record for the longest catwalk which was held by Thailand.

Shel xoxo

Thursday, August 19

Camel without the spit!

Could I believe my luck when I came upon this gem one lunch time at Spitalfields.

There's a great guy who runs a Vintage stall and he told me while I was trying on some amazing dresses that he had just bought most of the wardrobe from the film Nine. and my dress was from that lot

This dress is just what I was looking for bang on trend with the colour and big pockets its a thick wool. It is an A line skirt with a box top...but then when you turn around its all quirk with a pleated back to the skirt and a pleated drape at the top.
 light enough to wear without tights on a English "hot" day and in the winter I will stick a cream roll neck underneath (or white shirt) with some tights or boots!
Frida featured a pair on her site which would be puuuuurfect...

I love the attention to detail even though it is relatively simple.  So cute!!

He mentioned he will be selling online soon and asked me to model the dresses for the site :)
If it comes about you guys will be the first to know!

Perfect little camel dress to take me into fall.

I will be going back pronto on pay day!

Shel xoxo