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Thursday, August 19

The Assembly......

Fast becoming my "go to" Vintage crowds or huge piles of mess it's light and airy and as the flyer says "Last fair deal in town" none of these silly brick lane tourist prices! Such a nice atmosphere the staff are helpful but give you space. They have just got it right
I picked up this Chloe-esque(well almost exact copy) for £20!!!!! The suede skirt was £10 and the silk blouse was £10 too. If I had bought this from Chloe you should add another 3 zeros BEFORE the decimal!!
Love the burnt orange....and it is a definite staple for my fall / winter wardrobe.

Shel xoxo


Anonymous said...


I love, love your inspires my outfits :-) Thanks so much for sharing this but where is The Assembly, I did a quick search but couldn't find anything on it. The shop sounds like it's up my alley. Hope you write back. x

Shelma said...


I couldn't find the website I'm afraid but here is the address. (it's actually up an alley!) Next time I pop in I will enquire abot the www. and let you know :0) Thanks for the comment it's so nice when I get feed back lets me know CDLT actually has visitors xxo

The East End Thrift Store / The Assembly
Unit 1a Watermans Building Assembly Passage, E1 4UT,
020 7423 9700

Anonymous said...

Yay, you wrote back :-) thanks for the address, actually did a search on the East End Thrift Store and it came up although I think its more of a holding page, than a website.

Aww, I'm sure you get loads visitors cause your blog is fab. In fact you inspired me with one of your hairstyles - where you were wearing a peackock hairband and your hair was clipped up really nicely....I have tried to recreate it with my hair but it never quite looks the same.... so if you ever get a minute would love a mini tutorial :0) or a picture of the back....

Thanks again, really appreciate you writing back and keep up with the fab blog. x