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Tuesday, February 23

RiRi throws it back!

Anyone get a whiff of 90's flava???
Still looking super cute with it though!! I wanna learn that dance!!!

Shel xoxo

Times when your alone

I have to post some pics of my lovely new abode however I have not had the time to even take them yet!

While I am sat here studying on my huge new desk I thought I would share my favourite corner of it with you guys, right now it is full of nice things to make me smile. A picture of my godson Karnye, wedding invites (Whales and Seville) and my daily mood booster flowers, along with a stack of fashion books!!

Shel xoxo

Button my Moon

My friend Sam called me the other day and told me about a nice polish she had bought.
It's called Button Moon and its by Collection 2000.
It's a nice pastel green shade as seen on RiRi etc! and will look a treat with my new Holly Fulton skirt
So I went and grabbed a bottle!
If the name alone doesn't cheer you up then the £1.79 price tag should!
I feel so much more summery! Thanks chick!! just need to find a pastel lilac now!
Shel xoxo

A little love...

..goes a long way! After yet another SNOWY london day spent waiting on crap london transport, how happy was I to get a comment on my blog from a fellow fashionista?

Christine, Blog master at The Materialist kindly wrote a feature on my style and blog!

Getting feedback (and even traffic) through your site can be a long arduos road and I do belive that linking from and to is the best way for us blog masters to get more exposure!

Thanks for your lovely comments Christine! Keep checking back and I will ditto - I like your style!!

And people please comment/contact me! It stops me feeling like a sad self indulgant fashion loon!!
(who even uses that word?)

Shel xoxo

Banksy does a Sundance....

About time the movies hotted up a bit!! I must say I have been a little disappointed this year with the exception of Avatar!
I nearly tripped over crocodile shoeboots when I saw a billboard for Banksy' movie
and when I saw the trailer I was cracking up looks like this is going to be fun fun fun.
Being a hardcore Banksy fan and wondering if fame and fortune had finally got to his head and ruined him he offers up this.

Classic!! - N.B. Sound track sounds heavy!!!
In UK cinemas 5th March!
Shel xoxo

A post of many wonders!

Well I have been super busy of late and have been a bad bad blog master!
I booked to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D at the London Imax - Excited doesn’t quite cut it!!
Johnny Depp I think must be my favourite actor along with Brad. He is so interesting to watch and commands his roles in such an authentic way
I posted a few pics previously but the art work is so great have another gander!!

I love Tim Burton and have been enamoured with his work for many years! I love his stop animations and I even want a corpse bride wedding cake!! strange but true (Luckily my Beau loves the idea!!)
Selfridges has a special Alice in the Wonder room exhibit, displaying special jewellery by Stella McCartney and Tom Binns' also showing scenes from the film itself in Selfridges iconic window displays before the premier! and original costumes from the movie!! I will try and take a few snaps for those who can't make it to sunny London! - If you can it is running until the 14th March!

I will head down there at the weekend! while stopping by H&M to see the latest's Sonia Rykiel collection which launched on the 20th. Lets hope it is not as disappointing as the Jimmy Choo foray....

Shel xoxo

Saturday, February 6

I like Choo's

Jimmy Choo's latest offering.....drool.......practical and sexy!!

It's all about price per wear, recession blah blah blah!!

Shel xoxo

Wednesday, February 3

Return of the mac

I had a Mac from Mango for ages I had some good years out of it.
And had trouble finding one to replace it..
It got replaced this xmas by a Banana Republic beauty.
I have seen an influx of Macs about and here are some of my faves and a picture of mine.
I am particularly fond of the mint green sleeveless Burberry specimen, not overly practical but if I had to wear a pastel green Mac.....

The the mac of my dreams last  by Aquascutum (on the left with ruffled collar)

Shel xoxo

The Sea

Corinne Bailey Rae has released her much anticipated 2nd album - The Sea

From the previews it seems the perfect soundtrack to swaning around in all these pastels that seem to be here to stay for spring (Hmmmmm).

Skip to: Closer & Paris Nights/New York Mornings

Shel xoxo