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Thursday, June 16

Rome today

I am off on travels to visit friends in Rome today!! I will have lots to blog about on my return I'm sure! I am most looking forward to going through Rome on a Ducati though :) exciting...and scary!!! I won't be doing any tourist things this time so its great to be able to get around quickly......I am hoping to visit the outlet just outside of Rome :)

Shel xoxo

kimono jacket

Loving my kimono jacket right now!! Nice to cover up in something silky!! Doesn't it look like a designer we know? (The late A McQueen?!) I love the print and the colour combo!  This is my hairstyle of choice at the moment! The (slightly lower) messy top knot! Easy breezy and darn sexy no!!

 Here I am wearing a pretty pricey basic vest from Whistles I wanted to mention it because mid price point basics can be really hit and miss!
And I am finding that this top is washing and lasting very well! Every time I wash it it looks brand new. They obviously use a very good cotton mix! So a bit pricey at around 30GBP for a plain black vest.... but definitely worth it!

Sequinned wedges - Office (past season)
Coated black skinnys - H&M
Black vest top - Whistles (current season) Bird print Kimono - Topshop (PS)

Shel xoxo

Tuesday, June 7

Don't have time to wait.....

Of all the comments on my attire today the funniest had to be "who are you waiting on today"
Cheeky :0)

Skater Skirt - American Apparel
Box Shirt - Zara
Grosgroin Neck Tie - Dolce & Gabbana
Brogues - New Look

Shel xoxo

Sunday, June 5

Wrap me in the nostalgia....

Who's not in love with these scarves by Philipe Roucou??
I am seriously considering treating myself to one. Genius!

Shel xoxo

Thursday, June 2

Colour Me Bad

 New shoes. Fun and comfy

Leather Shoes - Zara - Current collection
Coat - Zara - Past collection
Silk Shirt - NW3 Hobbs - Past season
Leather Skirt - Vintage @ Urban Outfitters

Shel xoxo

Everything he touchs.......

turns to gold....
The new Byzantine collection from Karl....Imagine i wanted to go to the exhibition on Byzantine when it was in London but had no one to go with :( and here comes Karl with a collection inspired by that period........(Princess Theodora in particular I think)
Anyway when I came across this campaign it took my breath away...
Some serious lusting going on for the navy "mosaic dress" below.......

 Theodore Mosaic Circa 527 AD
After searching for nearly 3 years for a new version of my Chanel creamy eyeshadow in gold and silver!!! Karl releases with this collection a limited edition compact 
(only about 2500 I think and they are silly silly monies  $250.00~)

Shel xoxo

Wednesday, June 1

Miami to Ibiza

For my birthday this year I am heading to Ibiza town :) 
As I am only there for a week I have been making reservations at all the must see venues and keeping a tight itinerary - I would like to see the sunset at Cafe Del Mar, go for dinner at the Supper Club and after a crazy night of partying (Hed Kandi maybe) head straight to the Blue Marlin for some serious chillaxing on a beach BED reserved for the day........Of course Olivia has already beaten me to it...TUT.

Shel xoxo