Creme De La Trend

"Obsessively opposed to the typical"

Monday, August 31

Notting Hill Carnival 2009

Went to fly the flag for Dominica ;0)
Most colour I have worn at once all year!!!

Long Weekend

Sunday night out on the tiles as it is the bank holiday.
I has seen lots of draping on the catwalk for autumn/winter also a lot of grey to break up the black of the season. I stumbled upon this top and fell in love with its cute sleeves!! it is a light tee shirt material and a bargain at £18.00 from Mango

Sunday, August 30

Bank Holiday Reading....

I got another German Vogue from my lovely boss!
It came in a cardboard sleeve which i loved! no ripped pages bent edges or grubby finger prints!!!
Also stumbled upon a discount fashion magazine stall in Chancery lane which sells out of date high fashion mags for a fraction of the price I picked up a limited edition Vogue living for 80p and the mag Phenomenon for £1 (usually £10) I will be paying many more visits!!

Incase of rain!!

The weather has turned decidedly cold of late!
I cant seem to shake my new Vivienne Westwood shoes they are SUPER cute and SUPER comfy!! Best thing I couldn't afford this month!!
Wearing skull necklace, trench skirt Zara, H&M vest top & Vivienne Westwood for Mellisa shoes.

Friday, August 28

Mellow Yellow

Take me to school!

I am ordering one of these yellow satchels, a little late in the day but will still work with this winters blacks and greys I think!!
anyway super cute, handmade and from a real Cambridge school supplier! Purple is cute aswell!


Purchased my first Lipstick Queen Lippy today Poppy King has created a fantastic 1940's matte red(90% pigment!!!) and which I want to wear everyday!!!! Not shiny but incredible nice to wear and stays on even after a ciggy!!
Lipstick by Lipstick Queen in Red

Tights I like!

With winter fast approaching, I have got to thinking about some new tights for winter.
Although now I come to think of it I have been wearing tights all year!!
Cute Alpha-ma-bet tights by Henry Holland for Pretty Polly
Polka dot tights - ASOS (Bargain 4 squid)
Two tone - ASOS
Spot seam - ASOS Jonathan Aston

Wednesday, August 26

The writings on the wall

While stalking Boudoir PR website (more on that later) I noticed they now represent Rock N Rose Jewellery so I went to have a gander at there stuff.
I will be making 2 purchases: I can't speak French necklace and the Keep calm and carry on necklace.
Very cute accessories with good price points
(Don't ask me where I picked that up "Price Points" but I likey!!)

Model of the month!

I really like Chanel Iman she looks great in all her walks - Not to mention her having the cutest name & wicked off duty style!

Monday, August 24


Reiss skirt, French Connection perspex belt, D&G shoes

Everytime I try to leave.....

what is it with Vintage? I said this year I would steer clear and focus on all the new fresh ideas. but then I come across a site like this that makes me want fall back into old habits.... My fave from the site!

Dream a little dream for me.....

All completely unrealistic as I currently live in a TINY 1 bed flat however I really love these pieces and I can hope that maybe one day I could own a bed or set of doors like that!!!

Sunday, August 23

Watch this space.

I think I may buy this watch come payday. I was obsessed with a D&G watch which was very similar however all the hints i dropped to my boyf fell on deaf ears and then a friend of mine after having a peak hinted to her boyf and got it for valentines day.
(Bad style etiquette on her part, no?)
Anyway this one is better, the reason I held off buying the D&G one is that it had a cream leather strap...that put me off as I hate white things that look constantly grubby and this one eliminates that as it has a metal strap.
I am in love with digital watches at the moment I also love the Nooka watches - Only thing with these is you may have difficulty reading it after a few Martinis!!