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Saturday, August 15

Garden Party Pt.2

Today I headed down the the designer jumble sale at Andaz. It was a sweet turn out although I got there early to bag the bargains and so I did not see the final turn out.
I liked the quirky things they had like the men's section which was selling beers and showing sport on a wide screen.
It was smaller than I expected and there was lots of variety From Alexander McQueen to Burberry to Topshop the pieces I picked up were vintage and slightly more purse friendly than what most stalls had on offer. The best bargain I came across was a cashmere and ostrich feather Burberry dress for £150 I had seen it on the runway a few seasons ago!! Some lucky lady would have bagged a bargain!
Wearing: H&M sequined vest, Zara Shirt, Bread Jeans & Vintage courts

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