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Saturday, February 21

Thursday, February 19

New places new faces on my travels....

So today was my first day out since i was struck down with my ear infection, i had to get out it was such a glorious day and i am glad i did! I made a new friend called Michaela we gots to chatting as i really loved her rock-a-billy quiff! and her oversized stud which i think are uber cute (as long as you can't put your fist through it) She kindly agreed to let me take a pic for my blog.
Pictures of my absolutely GORGEOUS new Vivienne Tam laptop after the jump.....

Unlikely Likes...

Now I have never really been a fan of either of these 2 but praise where it is due!! Kate looks AMAZING in the new Versace Campaign and Gwyneth has just inspired my "grow out" style she looks hot in this months Elle!!!
(Apologise for the bad quality pic's)

Missing Venice.....

I really would like to live here before it is lost under sea.......
Me & Venice September 2007
Vintage Dress from Beyond Retro

You know he loves you when.....

Your sick at home with an ear infection and he buys you your favourite mags, the cover of Vogue Australia is an instant mood fixer!! Roll on Spring!

Tuesday, February 17

Love Luella......

Shades of Distinction

These are a few of my favourite shades right now. Still holding on to a token berry red from winter but generally getting lighter for the coming spring. Trend testing Corals at the moment. My fave being the light sherbert coral from Models Own.

Barry M


Models Own



Sunday, February 15

Stealer of Hearts

My new shoe obsession. This man is genius.........
All above by Nicholas kirkwood

XOXO Happy Valentines XOXO

It was my turn to arrange V Day this year and I wanted to do something cool and fun but relatively low key to show my beloved that it doesn't always have to be Buddha Bar and Pearls!! So we went to AllStar Bowling Lanes - Brick Lane. It was too much fun!!! I got Roses and my Diane Von Furstenburg dress I have been obsessing over for the past few months.....I could not have been happier!!

Monday, February 9

Putting the Jack into Arse

OMG!! actually I am speechless!! Why on earth anyone would want to wear these much less pay for them is beyond me! you couldn't pay me all the cash in the world to be seen in these awful shoes.
The first thing that came to mind is that they were commissioned by Bijork........How could anyone create shoes so hideous.??
These shoes are officially THE fashion crime of the year......I think I may actually laugh myself to death....and now I feel a little bit sick about it all.


Well i must say I am a little disappointed with my blog at the moment, apart from my friends I don't seem to be getting many hits (or comments....) is there something I should be doing to expose my blog more or am I really that boring??
Any suggestions welcomed (even negative critics) I am feeling very sorry for myself right now

My new F-Troupe's...

I picked up the CUTEST pair of F-Troupe flats in the sale at an online boutique called Amelie....
Much darker in real life but just as cute!

Tuesday, February 3

Reminds me of 80's conservatory furniture....

I think this dress is cute but I seem to be well and truly over Floral and Nautical I think this year I am going to make a stand and not buy any of either this summer*! It's boring now! and there is so much new and fresh to tap into this S/S
*I may be partial to a sequined D&G vest with a small nod to Nautical with a chiffon sail boat on it! Well at least its not Stripy!!!

SideKicked to the curb...

Having had quite enough of my Juicy Couture Side kick I have decided to buy a new phone.
As I have quite long fingers the keyboard on the Sidekick fitted a treat and also meant i never had to get to grips with very annoying predictive text on so many new phones (NO I wanted to say Shell NOT She'll thank you very much!!) Anywho, I wasn't so keen on the new improved Sidekick and they didn't do it in pink (how rude!!)
Also having been annoyed SO much by my old Prada I was put off of touch screen phones for life (when the screen stopped responding the whole phone was nonfunctional!)
and so I decided on cheap and cheerful but cute....and so I did a little research and.......
Dunahhhhh!! the new LGs360 V cute! and reasonably priced too so it will keep the Boyf happy too :0)

Monday, February 2

My new love...

Ashish. Loving his quirky style and fresh take on sequins (Yay!! love sequins) had not heard of him before so will be doing my research.
Loving the "House of Cards" dress.

Night on the tiles.....

Hair courtesy of Netta, shaky photography by little Sis.
Top - Reiss, Wet look leggings - Topshop, Shoe boots - Kurt Geiger

Putting the boot in it......

Dolce & Gabbana boots, Sisley Jacket, Topshop Jeans

Finally Landed......Yay!!

My Melissa by Vivienne Westwood pumps are finally on sale in Selfridges a definate for next month!!!!...just need to decide on which colour combo!!
A steal at 78.00GBP

Sunday, February 1

Almost Prada

Picked this Pradaesque necklace up this weekend, will work well with the sheer organza and blush tones set to be big in S/S