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Tuesday, February 3

SideKicked to the curb...

Having had quite enough of my Juicy Couture Side kick I have decided to buy a new phone.
As I have quite long fingers the keyboard on the Sidekick fitted a treat and also meant i never had to get to grips with very annoying predictive text on so many new phones (NO I wanted to say Shell NOT She'll thank you very much!!) Anywho, I wasn't so keen on the new improved Sidekick and they didn't do it in pink (how rude!!)
Also having been annoyed SO much by my old Prada I was put off of touch screen phones for life (when the screen stopped responding the whole phone was nonfunctional!)
and so I decided on cheap and cheerful but cute....and so I did a little research and.......
Dunahhhhh!! the new LGs360 V cute! and reasonably priced too so it will keep the Boyf happy too :0)

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