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Sunday, May 31

Sunday best

Today I went for a walk around Covent Garden, Leicester Sq and Brick lane.
I visited my fave bookshop and discovered an adorable community garden full of wild English flowers. It is in the heart of the west end then went for a Hagan Dazs and then to beyond retro. I picked up a fantastic garish floral sequined top which I adore! (even though I had to repair it as soon as I got it home and stingy beyond retro would not give me a discount even though it was falling apart!!)
I find it SOOOO much easier to dress in the summer! Why is that?
Went to the Buddha Bar London for dinner. Just like Paris, it was relaxed, ambient and the staff were amazing. It is very pricey but well worth it for a treat.
Decided ditching Mac for Bobby Brown in the make up department was the best thing I have done all year!
Dune shoes ~ £70 (old season)
H&M Lace dress ~ 30EUR (From Milan)

Saturday, May 30

Saturday Lunch

So my cupcake took me for lunch today. On the way we happened upon a white wedding in the city.
They have a VERY cute set up for the reception and she went to the church in a black cab.
Also got to wear my new earrings and dusted off my Moccs for the first time this year!

Betsy & Lola

This flyer was so cute I just had to post it!!!!
The cute models are my girlies little ones!

Clothes Show London

So I need to rush out this AM, however wanted to post a few pics of last night!
My outfit last night was fitting (but trust me today I am wearing flats)
So this is getting to the Excel Center and seeing my girl Aiesha who had her wicked store Betsy & Lola on display (put my orders in - watch this space) She as per usual looked so much cooler than me and her store was super full of super cut stuff so make sure you check it out!
We travelled in perfect London style on the tube and then on an old red bus! which complimented my new clutch a treat :0)
Stalls were disappointingly few and far between HOWEVER they did have a few cute stalls including Mawi and OPI and discounted prices I picked up a bangle (which I wanted to sleep in I love it that much!) Will post pics of the awards show soon....but let me just manage expectations and say the special catwalk guest was Katie Price................

Big Beads

I am really liking all of the big chunky necklaces around at the moment. I am really in love with Coral at the moment.
Although my wardrobe is turning decidedly monotone, and I seem to be shying away from pattern unless it is in some form of snakeskin (print) or other animal scales?
Strange but true.

Thursday, May 28

The stripes I love to hate

I seem to have a love hate relationships with stripes...stripes invoke images of the sea, Paris coffee shops and the Lady's who lunch.
But am I the only one who has noticed the annoying recurrences of nautical for like the last 100 summers???

New threads and old friends

So my lovely Shelley (1 half of team Shelly) came to visit me.
We spent the day shopping chatting and then let our other halves in on the game and got dressed up in our new buys to head down to Spitalfields.
I was very pleased with my new dress and Shelley with hers.
I was especially chuffed to finish my look and feel like I had just stepped out of Star Trek (Yes I am a Trekkie)
I also finally got to test my cylindrical tongs on Shelley's lovely long hair.

Flying the flag

Unfortunately I could not find a Dominica sequined clutch and so I just had to settle for this England one. Uber cute none the less.
I will rock this as a clutch in the evenings and with tee's, denim leggings and such in the day (it also has a long silver chain) but will be sure not to wonder into the Aggy look with this!
I think people can go really over board with a theme.

I love....

Snakeskin platforms and cherry berry OPI toenails!
Picked these up the last time I was in Topshop from Faith of all places! will work with LOTS of looks! and they are SUPER comfy (believe me tried and tested on the evil London cobbles)
Is anyone excited about the impending summer? I am so excited I could cry!

Busy Busy Bee

So apologies for the lack of posts!!!I have been ever so busy of late. Not only is my 9-5 picking up but I have been doing alot of research and study. Anywho! tomorrow I have the Clothes Show awards and I am toooo excited then on the 10th June I have the Graduate Fashion Week Gala show and party. So the promise of some interesting posts!! xoxo

Listening to....

Skip to; My Delirium
Man I love the 80's!!

Thursday, May 21

I fell in love with...

These white leather leggings I tried on in Topshop.
Yes I know you may be thinking I lost my mind but they were so lush. Made of the softest white leather super long and super cool.....Not sure what it is with me and leather lately but if I start looking more Donatella and less cool PLEASE tell me :0).
At £250 Ithink I will try and get them made on brick lane!!

Wednesday, May 20

Brighton Fashion Weekend

So this bank holiday weekend I think I will be heading down to Brighton for the Fashion Weekend - Brighton Frocks.
Although I can not make the Fashion show on Friday I still think it would be worth the journey. Mainly to have a look at all the up and coming talent in Brighton. There are also a few pretty amazing vintage shops there too!!
If you head down be sure to bring a wrap up!! salty sea air is always so cold!

Kate Moss...

I think Moss is quite a fitting surname for Kate seen as she has all the characteristics of the plant. She is all over everything with her danity fingers in many pies and likes getting into cracks! (giggle)
Anyway tomorrow I head down to Topshop oxford street for the launch of her "High" summer collection.
I think as usual it will be marginally boring and over priced but we will see. there were ONE or two items which took my fancy.
Looking amazing as always Ms Moss

This week I love....

White nails!!!
Beware the Tippex effect you need to get a shade with a sheen in it or you may not be able to carry this off defiantly no matt colours!!

Tuesday, May 19


The leather skirt I have been looking for ALL winter......yes a little late, but none the less would be a firm staple!

Sunday, May 17

Whos that girl?

Me apparently :0)
My portrait from Milan.

My new faveourite magazine

Totally delicious.
A tad pricey @ £6.99 but worth it for every single glossy page and the minimal text. The text that is there is intriguing and interesting.
Also first pages shown after cover are my chosen pics for my marketing homework.