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Saturday, May 30

Clothes Show London

So I need to rush out this AM, however wanted to post a few pics of last night!
My outfit last night was fitting (but trust me today I am wearing flats)
So this is getting to the Excel Center and seeing my girl Aiesha who had her wicked store Betsy & Lola on display (put my orders in - watch this space) She as per usual looked so much cooler than me and her store was super full of super cut stuff so make sure you check it out!
We travelled in perfect London style on the tube and then on an old red bus! which complimented my new clutch a treat :0)
Stalls were disappointingly few and far between HOWEVER they did have a few cute stalls including Mawi and OPI and discounted prices I picked up a bangle (which I wanted to sleep in I love it that much!) Will post pics of the awards show soon....but let me just manage expectations and say the special catwalk guest was Katie Price................

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