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Sunday, November 27

Cats and Hats..

With my impending adventure drawing ever closer, I have been spending time with my family and friends back at home.

Last night i had the "Shelma Jumble" all my girlies came over for a rummage through all the things i have culled from my wardrobe a glass of wine and to wish me well. All my favourite little ones running around and Oli - Oli is the cat I would have if I didn't have my puppy Simba, he's a cat but not as you know it.... sometimes i think he is actually a reincarnate..

I decide to buy a little hat for my travels. I like this one because it doesn't cover my face (passport control) and I can rest my head back without bending it or it falling off!! (12hr15 flight...)

Hat - Topshop - 25.00
Jersey - Topshop - £16.00
Jeans - House of Shelma

Shel xoxo

Saturday, November 26

One new change..

I had a subtle dip dye last week. My ends are now 4 shades lighter than my roots! Not so noticeable now (which I like!! I didn't want to look like an upside down Guinness =0) but I am sure once I get on the beach that will all change dramatically. 
A nice way to make a change if you don't want to cut or damage your hair too much!

Shel xoxo

Saturday Morning Shop: Magnatise Me

I cut the talons! I prefer to travel with short nails (so many germs in places like airports) Everybody still seems to think I have incredible long nails. I however feel like I have had half my fingers chopped off.

So in an attempt to "jazz" up my stubs I went on the hunt for these new magnetic polishes No.17 and Nails inc are doing. I couldn't find the No.17 ones but Nails inc had 2 offerings. this pewter and a purple.

I didn't like the shade of purple they had but this colour is really nice (and looks nice as a normal nail colour)

The process is easy and results pretty impressive I spent most of yesterday wowing my office with my magic trick. Everyone loved it! including me.
Love a little art & crafts!

In stores today - Head to a large Boots on your Saturday shop..

Nails inc @ £12.00
Shel xoxo

Thursday, November 24

Read all about it!!


Creme De La Trend is on the move, I am off to Sydney in a few days and i will be doing a special 
"CDLT Down Under" edition on Wordpress.
In the mean time have a look at all the things I have wanted to share but have not had the time to this month.

I'm listening to "Oh Land" she is just fantastic, reminds me of Bjork minus the madness!! silky tones charming beats and quirky lyrics have made this a firm faveourite of mine

She is like a 60's siren with a 2020 twist, so cute! She is also a bit of a chameleon which I love..
Personal Faves: Rainbow, Son of a gun, white nights
Skip to: Break the chain & Helicopter
Forward:Voodoo, Human

I have been looking for a new watch (I like the Micheal Kors ones) But I have been strictly forbidden from buying one by my fashion twin, who has been over them almost as long as they have been around..

Que my new want! this cute and strange one I sourced and LOVE LOVE LOVE.
When she sees this I think she will probably want me to have a Kors!! =0)

The Last Laugh - William Andrew £145.00
(Fueling my unhealthy obsession with skulls)

More to come........

Shel xoxo