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Saturday, November 26

Saturday Morning Shop: Magnatise Me

I cut the talons! I prefer to travel with short nails (so many germs in places like airports) Everybody still seems to think I have incredible long nails. I however feel like I have had half my fingers chopped off.

So in an attempt to "jazz" up my stubs I went on the hunt for these new magnetic polishes No.17 and Nails inc are doing. I couldn't find the No.17 ones but Nails inc had 2 offerings. this pewter and a purple.

I didn't like the shade of purple they had but this colour is really nice (and looks nice as a normal nail colour)

The process is easy and results pretty impressive I spent most of yesterday wowing my office with my magic trick. Everyone loved it! including me.
Love a little art & crafts!

In stores today - Head to a large Boots on your Saturday shop..

Nails inc @ £12.00
Shel xoxo

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