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Wednesday, April 20

Float like a butterfly.......

Enjoying this weather like you wouldn't believe!!
I hope everyone is making the most of this weather!
 Butterfly box top - Zara (current)
Leather mini - Vintage reworked @ Urban Outfitters
Turquoise flats - Reiss (past season)
Crystal cluster chain - Topshop (current)
Coffee - Drank!!

Shel xoxo

Monday, April 18

Lilac Petals

So today started off pretty grey but the sun is back with avengance!
Have been desperate to wear my sleeveless blazer for months!
Finally got an appliqued skirt :0) still growing my talons, today they are lilac lovelies :0)

Sleeveless Blazer - Reiss
Black boat neck top - Zara
Applique skirt - H&M
Shoes - Kurt Geiger
Polish - Essie

Shel xoxo

Saturday, April 16

Saturday Morning Shop

Embrace the nautical look (for the 100th year running) with a twist!
Cheap cheerful fun and chic!! It will go nicely with my new white McQueen skinnies!

H&M £14.99 
In store now!

Shel xoxo

Friday, April 15

Bright One

I like these.....shame that Kurt Gieger shoes are so flaming uncomfortable....

Shel xoxo

Shouldn't work but so does!

Mary Katrantzou AW 11
 So pretty....

Did you spot the amazing boots she used in the show? Special made with love from Christian Louboutin!! The deep red are my faves!!

 How would I wear it? Exactly as Collette has it in their window runway to realway!!

Shel xoxo

World Cinema

A few movies I want to see!! I really love Luc Besson - Who didn't love Leon??

Adele Blanc - Sec looks like Amalie meets Indiana with a healthy dose of Pans Labyrinth!!!
 And I am strangely attracted to Javier in movies even though I think he is pretty unattractive....Lucky Penelope huh!

 Costumes look amazing!!

Shel xoxo

Thursday, April 14

Vogue Bride x 2

Freja's 2nd Vogue (UK) cover! Shot here by the one and only Mario Testino.....
One of 3 different covers this month.

Shel xoxo

Diamond in the rough.....

How much am I loving rough cut rings right now?

Picked up this attractive one from Asos, I also got it in purple - Disappointingly they are only resin so I am on the hunt for a semi precious one....but they are nice and feel light and look real, so its all good.

Jody Candrian has a few nice pieces - Available at Browns.

Dress - Whistles (past season)
Tights - Asos £12
Ring - Asos £10-£15
Nail polish - Nars (M.A.S.H range)

Shel xoxo

Wednesday, April 6


What a nice day huh!!
Time to break out the brights! Apparently I look like a daffodil :)
Weekend ahead is set to be a stunner! Fingers crossed X
Top - Zara (Current)
Skirt - Urban outfitters (Vintage)
Shoes Zara (Past season)
Bumble Bee necklace - Alex Munroe
Diamond stud necklace - Tiffany
Flower earring - Anthropology

Shel xoxo