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Tuesday, September 29

Is that a hot dog your holding? or are you just happy to see me!

Keeping it real on a flying visit to my hometown of Reading (hot dog pic!) Sporting my new staple, sleeveless blazer (rieiss), lace shouldered dress (H&M £14 Bargain!!!) and lace up shoe booties (Office) and Ophelie feather head piece(not such a bargain £45 but a present from my beau )
Spent Sunday with my girlie Lizzie B and had a lovely day of Disney, walks and Sunday roast! - I do love a happy ever after.....
Finally found a tassel bag I like (mango) Ditto on the floral! and I was sporting what my team like to call my Heidi hair - That's my fake braid headband!
Super doper busy this week but stay tuned!

Sunday, September 27

Newsroom's got talent

I had the pleasure of helping out my girl Samata with this event she was head wardrobe at Newsroom's got talent. A charity event put on by BBC and ITV news readers, presenters and staff our group won the competition and I have a feeling it was because there outfits were so amazing courtesy of Samata!! Much champagne and much fun!!! Highlight of my evening was catching up with Arlene Philips and telling er how much i am missing her on strictly!!

Thursday, September 24

Lace insert

Playing dress up

So I went to the supermarket (boring) and found the Halloween section. I proceeded to irritate my boyf no end running around various costumes.
New shoe boots which are super cute with bright polish

Friday, September 18

Great Cover

Girls doing it well and looking great!!!


Call off the search!
From an earlier post you may have seen I have been looking for a
matte nail varnish.
Well Essie has answered my prayers and gone one better.
This is a matte top coat to put over any and all of your fave colours!
Essie Matte about you £9.95 @

Thursday, September 17

Do you know the rules of popularity..

While walking on Brick Lane I was asked to say a few words on what popularity means to me.....
This young lady is writing a book and was very sweet.

Join the conversation at Copyright Ben Mallaby & Abby McDonald 2009

Watching the September issue

Sporting my best emotionless Anna face and new vintage sequinned sweater.
I headed to the Electric Cinema in portabello to meet my girl Samata and had a wonderful time.

Busy like you wouldn't belive!

So I have been rushed off my 39.5 feet of late and unfortunately have not had time to update anything!
So! please find below an overview! I have been working on a trend forecast for the past 4 days covering New York fashion week, so will do a few posts on my faves for S/S 2010
Please excuse any chopped heads I was either looking the wrong side of sleepy or getting ready for work, trust me better you don't see!!
Anyone who does keep tabs on here - SORRY!!
Business as usual soon. Pinkie promise.

Tuesday, September 8

The last of the greats?

Out today on DVD Valentino's film which has had much less press for some reason than Ms Wintours "epic" documentary!
I am just as excited about this as I am to see the September issue this weekend!!
Nothing makes me nauseous quite like a Valentino frock!!
His work is exquisite!!

Thursday, September 3

Say it's not so!!

So today I am feeling slightly betrayed.

I absolutely adore Balmain's latest offerings of shoulder heavy pieces, and the whole furore surrounding it seemed well placed to me. How refreshed and inspired I was feeling....That was until I made my grim discovery.

While watching an old 60's flick called "Don't look now" I was astounded to see nothing less than a practically identical Balmain jacket IN HOUNDS TOOTH!! immediately being relevant to 2 of this seasons major trends.

I know Fashion has an annoying way of going round in a big circle and repeating itself but as I have not seen any references to "back in the day" styles i mistakenly thought this was thought up by a genius.....

How wrong could I be...I feel style-violated.

I tried to get a screen shot of the jacket for effect but unfortunately as it is so old that is proving very difficult!