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Thursday, September 3

Say it's not so!!

So today I am feeling slightly betrayed.

I absolutely adore Balmain's latest offerings of shoulder heavy pieces, and the whole furore surrounding it seemed well placed to me. How refreshed and inspired I was feeling....That was until I made my grim discovery.

While watching an old 60's flick called "Don't look now" I was astounded to see nothing less than a practically identical Balmain jacket IN HOUNDS TOOTH!! immediately being relevant to 2 of this seasons major trends.

I know Fashion has an annoying way of going round in a big circle and repeating itself but as I have not seen any references to "back in the day" styles i mistakenly thought this was thought up by a genius.....

How wrong could I be...I feel style-violated.

I tried to get a screen shot of the jacket for effect but unfortunately as it is so old that is proving very difficult!

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