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Tuesday, September 29

Is that a hot dog your holding? or are you just happy to see me!

Keeping it real on a flying visit to my hometown of Reading (hot dog pic!) Sporting my new staple, sleeveless blazer (rieiss), lace shouldered dress (H&M £14 Bargain!!!) and lace up shoe booties (Office) and Ophelie feather head piece(not such a bargain £45 but a present from my beau )
Spent Sunday with my girlie Lizzie B and had a lovely day of Disney, walks and Sunday roast! - I do love a happy ever after.....
Finally found a tassel bag I like (mango) Ditto on the floral! and I was sporting what my team like to call my Heidi hair - That's my fake braid headband!
Super doper busy this week but stay tuned!

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