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Monday, November 24

P A R T Y @ Libertys

This is why I love Libertys......I joined the rewards scheme the last time I was in store when I got home today I had mail........

Doesn't it feel like Christmas?

Well for me it has been Christmas for months but now all the rest of you seem to have caught up with my over active inner child.
So on Sunday I braved the icy cold and wet London streets and headed down to Spitalfields and Brick Lane market.
I went to a very happy shop called Queens in this shop you literally feel like you have walked into a snow globe it is wall to wall glitter fairies ornaments and trinkets COVERED in pink glitter.
As I like to have individual baubles on my tree instead of matching ones i get them as gifts from my loved ones this year I picked up a hand blown angel from Lake Como in Italy and last year my love bought me a cute bauble of 2 mice sat on a pretty moon now i realised he bought it there when i saw my 2 mice kissing under an umbrella in Queens.....of course I had to bring them home to add to my collection.

McQueen gives you wings.......

I am not sure how thin this dress is but i think i would have liked a more constructed bottom half and also thinner straps the wings however are exquisite, and who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?!

Gimmie the cream and the puff!

Oh dear!
Do you think Rihanna is losing the fashion touch i am not sure she actually had? (most celebs are only as good as the stylists that dress them)
Well i must say she fluffed this one she looks like all of the following could be occurring...
  • She is 6 months pregnant
  • Chris Brown is getting ready to jump from underneath her dress and scream "SURPRISE"
  • She is hiding drinks and snacks from the buffet for later up there
  • She has lost her mind
  • Her dress actually doubles as a Mr Frosty* hence the gloves brrrrrr - (*Ice crush maker from the 80's)
  • She has it on back to front
  • It is not a dress at all it is in fat ready rolled puff pastry

I am usually such a big fan of hers but this whole thing just doesn't do it for me! I don't like the cut, the volume is in all the wrong places, the colour washes her complexion out, the material looks cheap...I could go on and on but I will be nice and say her hair looks immaculate as per usual.

Tut, tut.....It's the gloves........I wonder if she is only wearing 1 glove!

Saturday, November 22

Ma Masion.....

I have wanted to post about this resturant for ages.
On my road trip through Tuscany we stopped of for one night in Pietrasanta and went for a late night stroll to find something to snack on we stumbled across this resturant and it was cute as a button I LOVED it but my other half retorted it was "gay" I however think it is amazing. We had 2 glasses of red wine and some dessert. (I had a Tia Maria Crepe :0) They also had little stools which I of course thought were for little puppies (like Simba) however they are actually for your uber expensive could- never- put- on- the- floor bags!! now THAT is cool!! they had art work and books on display which were for sale and the DJ booth and VIP area was a suspended gallary which you could only lie down in. They had vintage chanel diamonds and pearls for show!!
The wine was good and the staff were very polite and friendly but not over bearing - my kind of place!

Thursday, November 20

Not so secret bargin buys....

These have been my guilty secrets over the last few weeks well they were secret but not for long as now my better half is going to know all about my emotional spending.
Anyway due to the credit crunch I have been trying to be a bit more frugal with my spending and I have picked up some cute gems.....
Pink top - 20.00 Marks and Spencers!! (great with anything high waisted)
Metallic skirt - 30.00 Giles for New look (love the zip detail)
Sequin little black dress - 25.00 New look (Very on trend)
Quilted mac - 100.00 Bitch London, sample sale (not so cheap but defiantly a staple!)

Tuesday, November 4

Hindu Heidi....

I love Heidi Klum she is so fun!! Every Halloween she throws a star studded Halloween Party for all her celeb friends and every year she wins my vote for best Halloween get up......I wanna go to a fancy dress party soooooo bad!!!
Apparently she has had a lot of flack about this outfit but COME ON lighten people!!!
Well I think its wicked!

Monday, November 3


I love Paris and I think this bag is amazing!......As toted by the one and only Carrie Bradshaw, need I say more?

Colour me blue!

This looks very interesting...I like the look of it, but i have a few questions!
  • Do you think it stains your clothes?
  • Can you use it as pepper spray and mark your attacker?
  • Does it show up under UV lights

I will need to track it down and smell it of course!

- Boudicca's perfume Wode (derived from "Woad" a deep blue plant extract used in tribal marking paste)

Saturday, October 25

Oh Baby!!

One of my team is off to have a baby in the coming weeks and so i decided to buy a little present because there is nothing that makes me happier than a new baby!
I got this baby grow from Oh Baby! London on Brick Lane they have very cool baby gear with great slogan tee's - This one was particularly fitting as he is a fund director! it also came in a very sweet tin to keep baby trinkets in! AND its black...I love it you dont get black baby clothes but why the heck not? i love black he/she will be the coolest kid on the block!

Wednesday, October 22

New Hair

Not sure what came over me but..........I did it!! I am feeling slightly traumatised but i like it more each day.

Tuesday, October 21

Doe Eyed ...

OK so I thought it was time to share a beauty secret....for Manga-esque big lashes on a budget(this season I am mixing up the goth and comic trend) I turn too Eyeko. A cute little brand I discovered 2 years ago when they had a quick fling in superdrug. my favourite is Eyeko's mascara The lash friendly formula combining natural oils and silicones with added Panthenol (Vitamin B).Designed to prevent dryness, premature breakage and to promote lash growth. It also comes in a squeezy tube so it never dries out, next i will try the tinted cream and magic eyeliner which turns all your eye shadows into eyeliners.

But the best thing by far about this range is that EVERYTHING cost £5.00 with free P&P at the moment.

We can't sniff at that!

On my ipod....

Listening to - Sex and the city soundtrack
No.13 - How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Al Green, Joss Stone

Long live sequins!

Lusting after........
Marc by Marc Jacobs of course!

Friday, October 17

Africa Rising @ the Royal Albert Hall...

Was amazing......Guest list as follows.
  • Alek Wek
  • Tyson Beckford
  • Liya Kebede
  • Ozwald Boateng
  • Trevor Nelson
  • Christina Aguilera - She did a very good set of 5 songs and sounds AMAZING live considering it is her first performance since the birth of her son i had to give the girl credit for doing the whole shoe in various pairs of Louboutins!!

  • Colin Powell
  • Momo (catwalk)

Lusting After......

Lulu......They did have a stand at London fashion week however it was all very boring! not the case on her site!!
Earrings £45 - Bag £315 (on sale from £450.00)