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Saturday, November 22

Ma Masion.....

I have wanted to post about this resturant for ages.
On my road trip through Tuscany we stopped of for one night in Pietrasanta and went for a late night stroll to find something to snack on we stumbled across this resturant and it was cute as a button I LOVED it but my other half retorted it was "gay" I however think it is amazing. We had 2 glasses of red wine and some dessert. (I had a Tia Maria Crepe :0) They also had little stools which I of course thought were for little puppies (like Simba) however they are actually for your uber expensive could- never- put- on- the- floor bags!! now THAT is cool!! they had art work and books on display which were for sale and the DJ booth and VIP area was a suspended gallary which you could only lie down in. They had vintage chanel diamonds and pearls for show!!
The wine was good and the staff were very polite and friendly but not over bearing - my kind of place!

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