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Monday, November 24

Gimmie the cream and the puff!

Oh dear!
Do you think Rihanna is losing the fashion touch i am not sure she actually had? (most celebs are only as good as the stylists that dress them)
Well i must say she fluffed this one she looks like all of the following could be occurring...
  • She is 6 months pregnant
  • Chris Brown is getting ready to jump from underneath her dress and scream "SURPRISE"
  • She is hiding drinks and snacks from the buffet for later up there
  • She has lost her mind
  • Her dress actually doubles as a Mr Frosty* hence the gloves brrrrrr - (*Ice crush maker from the 80's)
  • She has it on back to front
  • It is not a dress at all it is in fat ready rolled puff pastry

I am usually such a big fan of hers but this whole thing just doesn't do it for me! I don't like the cut, the volume is in all the wrong places, the colour washes her complexion out, the material looks cheap...I could go on and on but I will be nice and say her hair looks immaculate as per usual.

Tut, tut.....It's the gloves........I wonder if she is only wearing 1 glove!

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