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Monday, November 24

Doesn't it feel like Christmas?

Well for me it has been Christmas for months but now all the rest of you seem to have caught up with my over active inner child.
So on Sunday I braved the icy cold and wet London streets and headed down to Spitalfields and Brick Lane market.
I went to a very happy shop called Queens in this shop you literally feel like you have walked into a snow globe it is wall to wall glitter fairies ornaments and trinkets COVERED in pink glitter.
As I like to have individual baubles on my tree instead of matching ones i get them as gifts from my loved ones this year I picked up a hand blown angel from Lake Como in Italy and last year my love bought me a cute bauble of 2 mice sat on a pretty moon now i realised he bought it there when i saw my 2 mice kissing under an umbrella in Queens.....of course I had to bring them home to add to my collection.

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