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Friday, August 26

Jean Paul Goude - A Retrospective

How excited am I to be planning yet another exhibition trip to Paris?
My regulars will remember me heading off to see a Louis Vuitton exhibition not to long ago and getting snapped at by a street fashion blogger!

Well this time I am going to see a retrospective on one of my favourite artists Jean Paul Goude! 

He is most famous for his 10 year ad campaign for Galaries Lafayette (These are my faves) and the work he did with his muse Grace Jones (who also happens to be the mother of his first son!)
But he has done work with Chanel Citroen and Perrier to name a few...... Here are a few of his works.

 The exhibition is to be held in the stunning Les Arts Décoratifs which is a joy to see in itself!!

 It will run from November until March next year!
I will be heading down soon after it opens. Paris in the winter is just whimsical....

Shel xoxo

Wednesday, August 24

Kiss me quick!

I need some new luggage.....
Lusting after these cuties from Lulu Guinness.

Starting at £195 and up

Shel xoxo

Self observation of the day....

The strange little dance my thumbs do when I dont know what to reply to a text..... 

Shel xoxo

Peridot in the flesh.......a gift from the gods?

I met my home girl Sam for a sunny lunch today....she was sporting Chanel nails! which matched perfectly with my scarf. Its just as lustworthy in reality......

I also got more belated birthday gifts.......I think my friends should fund my new library.......

Shel xoxo

Rain rain go away!!!

Took my new silk scarf on its first outing today! Just one of the cute things I picked up on my travels in Ibiza!!
I also invested in these Jeans from topshop! loving the colour for the winter and also loving that they are not skin tight skinnies!!
The sun has come out and lifted my spirits today :)

Shel xoxo

Happy days....

My photographer is back from a not so well earned break!!!

I couldn't be happier :) Hence the dancing :)

 Loving my black turban head band at the moment.....apparently it makes me look like a movie star!!! I can live with that!
Accessorize £6.00
Shel xoxo

Monday, August 22

August Showers

Even though the sun is shining my mind is overcast with the chance of heavy showers........
Check out Terra New York and there take on seasonal rain wear. Not sure how wearable I would find these but I really like the mac...and the concept is pretty cool - mesh inserts to stop you having a sauna every time you wear them and they are made from earth friendly stuff the will decompose in 15yrs if left to the landfill........

3 styles 2 colours. Bish bash bosh.

Shel xoxo



Noun: A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness.

Hot one to watch! I like this kid!

Shel xoxo

Friday, August 19

Lolita Circa 2011

Oh my greatness.......
Save my beautiful baby girl from this hideous world........(when she gets here)
Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau.......She is 10 years old.... these are the pages of Vogue....

There is no denying she is a beautiful little thing. But so are most little girls at that age....
I think little girls should stay little girls for as long as possible.
I find this editorial sickening to be frank......
Sexualization, greed and bad taste all on the magazine AND the parents part

Shel xoxo

Wednesday, August 17

Oui Paris! Tres Chic!

I finally caught up with my long lost fashion twin last night! we had plenty to catch up about! (fashion waits for no one) I also got showered with belated birthday gifts and treated to dinner at the Punch Bowl!!  YAY!

One gift was this beautiful book by Ines de la Fressange (Karls first muse and Roger Viver spokeswoman!) Its style advice we have heard before but delivered in a fun and charming way that's a pleasure to read! She also has a guide to "hidden Paris" there is nothing me and my twin like to do more than explore Paris's hidden gems! Looking for new brands and designers!

The images are Ines' sketches and she has adorable wit!
I am half way through already!!

Well the gift of more books got me thinking I really need to sort out building a mini library in my house! my Ikea Billy bookcase fell on me the other day!!! My Vogues were too heavy! I had to move them all to the bottom! So I think I will be building some shelves into the alcoves either side of my fire place this winter....
Looking for inspiration I found some beautiful examples......ahhh the possibilities......

Shel xoxo

Tuesday, August 16

I wanna see your Peacock.......

You know I want it....
Even though they have precious gem/rock names I think they have chosen all the colours of a peacocks feather no?! (just missing the blue)

Which one would I push past a grannie for? Peridot of course!!!

Get them quick! bound to be a sell out, elbows at dawn situation.....

Shel xoxo

Friday, August 12

David Downton Round 2

You may remember not to many posts ago I went to a book signing with David Downton.
He is now resident at Claridges! Showing his more recent works of famous sirens including the delicious Dita. I will be heading down to grab some tea and have a gander at his works! I love this illustrator!!

If you cant make it down to Claridges below are a few of my faves...

Shel xoxo