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Wednesday, August 17

Oui Paris! Tres Chic!

I finally caught up with my long lost fashion twin last night! we had plenty to catch up about! (fashion waits for no one) I also got showered with belated birthday gifts and treated to dinner at the Punch Bowl!!  YAY!

One gift was this beautiful book by Ines de la Fressange (Karls first muse and Roger Viver spokeswoman!) Its style advice we have heard before but delivered in a fun and charming way that's a pleasure to read! She also has a guide to "hidden Paris" there is nothing me and my twin like to do more than explore Paris's hidden gems! Looking for new brands and designers!

The images are Ines' sketches and she has adorable wit!
I am half way through already!!

Well the gift of more books got me thinking I really need to sort out building a mini library in my house! my Ikea Billy bookcase fell on me the other day!!! My Vogues were too heavy! I had to move them all to the bottom! So I think I will be building some shelves into the alcoves either side of my fire place this winter....
Looking for inspiration I found some beautiful examples......ahhh the possibilities......

Shel xoxo

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