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Wednesday, November 25

On my Christmas list....

Do-it-yourself crystal skull art a la Damian Hirst (

A vintage wasp waisted mannequin from - (

Maria Black's Princess ring in gold and gold star necklace (

Wednesday, November 18

I HEART Suprises!

Today my friend Aiesha text me to say that she will be attending a launch party of the East End Thrift stores new wing "The Assembly" - So I agreed to shoot through say a quick hello and be gone.........
Well that didn't work at all - They had the most amazing selection of vintage gems I have seen in a long time! It reminded me of the good old days of vintage shopping when it was a more personal and a less mass produced affair!
I spent a mint, but the pieces I picked up will last a life time and were in fantastic condition with good price points.
I met Myles the owner and his adorable sausage dog (who was sporting a bow tie no less)
I also met a refreshingly nice guy called Simon. They seemed like a nice little team. The staff were all super friendly, good looking and well dressed.
I picked up a velvet dress which makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn - I will be wearing it for my first Christmas in Italy.
A great versace-esque skirt.
An AMAZING leather high waisted skirt which I have been on the hunt for for YEARS. (£15.00 BARGAIN!!!)
And an amazing velvet and lace top which is just precious.
I can not sing the praises of this cute shop enough! It's based in a converted loft and you definitely feel like your in New 'York as apposed to the East End. Its all very Carrie. They had champagne canapes and goodie bags it was a nice affair!
If your ever in the Area you really should pay it a visit I am sure you wont be disappointed.


Big up to my Lil Sis who got a 1st on her Law Degree at Westminster - Love you to the max Iysha
I wore my vintage dress to my sisters Graduation Ceremony. Don't you love it when you hold onto something knowing that one day you will have the perfect occasion to wear it? That was one of those times.
Grazia did a full page on flower rings last week, I picked this gem up in Hawaii and was super smug.
I am also in crazy love with my peacock feather head band from urban out fitters in Las Vegas

Saturday, November 14

Halloween LA Style

While I was in LA I got invited to a Halloween party, so me and my other 1/2 decided to get into the LA spirit of Halloween...out there it is more for the adults than the kids!!
So the party was held at V Bar it was a vampire themed night......
I went as "myself on a bad day" Ohhhh scary!! Haha
(BTW am I the only one addicted to HBO's True blood??)

Las Vegas Airport

While flying to LA from Vegas I came across this vending machine. Really cool huh? It was a great contraption and I would choose to use my dollars for Smashbox under eye highlighter over Coco Cola any day!!

She was Fierce....Simples!

Beyonce put on an amazing show - I totally fell in love with her and ADORED her stage outfits designed by the one and only Thierry Mugler - AMAZING!!!!!!
For the next week I am going to be my alter ego in homage
(not sure how well she is going to go down in the office!)
Wearing my new thigh high boots which have been glued to my feet since I got them!!

Wednesday, November 11

Have I seen you somewhere before?

I have been on the hunt for some party shoes (My search for a new party frock is failing miserably)
And I came across these shoes on the new look website - Instantly I knew I had seen them on a catwalk but I could not recall where.
After a little fashion soul searching it dawned on me.....I had seen them at Louis Vuitton - and had really liked them. I never did find a layman's equivalent until now. Its funny how something will stick in your mind subconsciously for ages isn't it.
not the greatest likeness but still pretty good for New Look!

Sweet 15

Nars celebrates turning 15 with a book featuring some of the current greats and past legends.
They also managed to get Marc Jacobs to wear red lippy and matching polish...not as hard as it may seem I bet ;0)
I hope they will be doing some limited edition sets!!

Thursday, November 5


My first Alexander Wang piece winging its way to me!!
I am very proud of myself as I sourced it at almost 1/2 of what rip off Net a porter is trying to flog it for - It is coming across the Atlantic and it's still cheaper!!
Wanted to keep it nice and simple... I think this is a good transitional piece

Stella for GAP Kids

So super cute!!

Wednesday, November 4


I have long been a fan of this perfume and am currently working my way through my 2nd bottle, but I know this is an acquired taste as perfumes go and I think due to the new advertising push this is not doing as well as his other classic (which smells awful on me) Angel.
I LOVE this cute ad which is in this months Vogue complete with pop out mini spray tester, I have not seen anything like it before and even though i am sat here in my PJ's i was instantly drawn to spray it on myself just to see if it works. (Good marketing)

Waxing Lyrical

A visit to Madam Tussauds while in Hollywood!
So much fun!!