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Wednesday, November 4


While in LA I managed to find some Matte black nail polish.
Its from a brand call KO (Knockout) and I am now lusting after the red and pink "flatte" polish from them.
I bought it in a store called Kitson which was the strangest store...obviously geared towards teenagers with more money than sense. The store was stocked to the rafters with all the designer brands you can imagine from Nichole Richie's jewellery to Marc Jacobs bags. What was odd was the way it was all displayed, it was a sort of jumble sale style but when you wrestled a tee from under a huge messy pile and looked at the price tag it was $200.00!!!
Everything was kind of shoved in perspex boxs and piled on tables.
I did not enjoy my experience at all although they had some fantastic brands.

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