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Thursday, December 17

One of the many reason....

...I don't rate Cheryl Cole.
Yes folks its an actual Loincloth!
I think those boots were last seen on Mark Owen Circa 1990

Cool Kats

Anita Ko's Panther studs.
White gold with Sapphire eyes, a cool £1,210.00 but amazing none the less
Sophisticated animal instincts. Raaaooow (Panther snarl?!)

1 - 2 Watch

Holly Fulton - I will be investing in a few of this girls pieces this year!
A British Fashion award winner and rising star.
Catch her Art Deco inspired prints on before she rockets into fashion space and starts charging ludicrous amounts for her designs!! I will be buying the blue shift skirt to ease me into springs pastels....I am still not sure how I am going to rock pastels but we will see!!

Sunday, December 13

Fun @ the V&A

Fun fun fun! my "talk" turned out to be a full on fashion show - Fantastic just doesn't cut it! the only thing I am upset about is that I could not get better images than those I did his creations were exquisite. The ushers wore super cute V&A fasinators and I had much fun in the V&A shop!

Friday, December 11

Impressed by the Becks!

I actually really like her new range! I love what she has done on the Net-a-Porter website and I really love her promotional video featuring Ballerinas! I must say, surprisingly she is going from strength to strength... You go girl!!
Not only is it a well shot and interesting ad! it also shows that the crotch is not going to split as soon as you bend over, there is no sagging bulging or tearing....that's impressive! My favourites have to be the very light coloured ones with the zip on the inside of the calf!
I NEED to work for this company!!!

Be my babydoll

So so cute! Adorable! Sugar Coated Candy Drops!
These little beauties conjure up Christmas, party's, cocktails and cheer! They are by and just like everything else i seem to be wanting at the moment, completely out of reach and nearly £2,000 each!

Love me, Love my Lanvin!

These are really cute! they are to celebrate 120 years of fabulous Lanvin Paris!!
For Sale at Browns £125.00 -£600.00 (a girl can dream!)

Tuesday, December 8

Well blow me down

D&G, constant over achiever, surpriser and all year round seducer.... I NEED it all!
Fall 2010. Swoooon.
And funny, I was just pining over my pink and black polka dot pussy bow blouse.
(My glasses I have wanted FOREVER, hopefully I will pick them up on my next trip to Milano)

Red shoes but not in Oz......

Well I am being bombarded with fantastical movies at the moment (Where the wild things are, Shutters Island, Nine (Movie AND CGI) Tron and dare I say it? SATC 2) but none has me more excited than this!
The 1948 Classic "The Red Shoes" has been 3 yrs in the restoration and is now showing at selected Cinemas!
I love old movies and all the grainy nostalgia that come along with them. And I love to dance....I love Ballet and so can you imagine the excitement when I saw this film was going to be on the big screen?!
WOW I just cant wait!! It is going to be shown at the newly refurbished Screen on the Green for a short while and I am hoping to take my friend Maria who shares my love of Ballet

Monday, December 7

OK I think my Christmas list is starting to get a little full!! I am super excited for this book!
Not only does it document one of my all time favourite campaigns it also relates to the grandest shopping centre in the world - Galeries LaFayette in Paris.....
Also a reasonable price for a coffee table book!
The Goude Touch
Jean-Paul Goude

Friday, December 4


I will be updating this weekend but need to let my excitment out. They are doing a remake of one of my all time favourite movies it's Tron!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 3

What ever happened to....

My Girl Amerie!!!
I think she has a new album coming out soon!
Yay!!! I think her voice is incredible!

Danny Boy!

Look at this Great artist I really like his stuff and will be investing in a tee and some prints for xmas!!