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Tuesday, December 8

Red shoes but not in Oz......

Well I am being bombarded with fantastical movies at the moment (Where the wild things are, Shutters Island, Nine (Movie AND CGI) Tron and dare I say it? SATC 2) but none has me more excited than this!
The 1948 Classic "The Red Shoes" has been 3 yrs in the restoration and is now showing at selected Cinemas!
I love old movies and all the grainy nostalgia that come along with them. And I love to dance....I love Ballet and so can you imagine the excitement when I saw this film was going to be on the big screen?!
WOW I just cant wait!! It is going to be shown at the newly refurbished Screen on the Green for a short while and I am hoping to take my friend Maria who shares my love of Ballet

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Eloria said...

Wow I used to watch this movie when I was a little girl...I remember the end used to freak me out a little..I cant believe its back..and I cant believe Im not the only one who knows about it haha. Nice post