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Wednesday, July 28

Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!!!

(Kurt Gieger)
(Les Nerides)

(Dower & Hall - White Topaz)

(Ciate - Showgirl)

 Wonderful people, Wonderful day, Wonderful gifts!!


Shel xoxo

Tuesday, July 27

Victoria's Park

Went for a stroll along the canal today.....and commited the cardinal sin of going out in my pyjamas...........

Well its a jumpsuit but it may aswell be PJ's :0) It was the first thing I grabbed from my wardrobe and was guilted into wearing it as I havent since I bought it 6 months ago!!

In anycase not sure the park counts as "in public" does it?

Shel xoxo

Golden Flowers

I found these earrings a few months ago. On some snazzy site to the tune of around £500.
Obvioulsy I lusted after them for a week and swiftly forgot all about them as I dont have £500 to spend on studs!!

Then my partner in shopping crime Frida said she had a small gift for me but was worried I wouldn't like it.

They are an amazingly similar pair of gold flower studs........the best things come to those who wait huh :0)

Shel xoxo

Monday, July 26


Trying out the new lady look for winter!!

Skirt - Zara
Shirt - Ted Baker

Shel xoxo

Climbing Club

One of my guys at work offered to show me around his climbing club which happens to be in Mile End and a stones throw from my abode.

Of course I jumped at the chance!!!

Straight away I felt comfortable and took to it easily. Even my long nails didn't stop me pressing for harder climbs much to the dismay of my coach! Who kept telling me to be careful and not get over confident (but admitted I may be teaching him soon) :0)

I just had to go with are you ever going to learn if you don't fall on your arse every now and then!! (I didn't but ended up on the intermediate climbs on my first day) 

I think I will be going back very very soon!!

Shel xoxo

Birthday Celebrations

After weeks of stressing about my birthday party I have finally found a venue I LOVE!!!!

My party last year was held at the decadent Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch......I wanted to match this but it needed to be in the same area......

This was a pretty hard task, in shoreditch you either have very very trendy (and a bit grotty but cool with it) or very very exclusive (media peeps who are renowned for being clicky & unwelcoming) I have a mix of friends and I wanted everyone to be comfortable...swanky but relaxed cool and easy.

I reserved a nice space in the main bar which has a DJ and at 9pm the club downstairs opens.

I feel a looooooong night coming on!!

(Click icon bottom right)

Pics to follow!!!!

Shel xoxo

Thursday, July 22

Ping Pong Champ

My other half  loves a good game of Ping Pong and I love beating him at it :)

So I was happy to find out about a great event going on in London for the next few weeks. Ran by the same team who made pianos pop up all over London they will now be doing the same but with Ping Pong tables!! something fun to do on a boring Sunday afternoon!! 

You can also take classes and enter tournaments for prizes!

Download the press pack for locations.

Shel xoxo

Maxi Dots

Lots to tell you and no time!!
Here is me looking very hmmm well I am not sure what! None the less I have had this dress for a long time but never worn it!
It then dawned on me that it is killing lots of trends in one go!! So I thought I would give it run....turns out I love it!
The slashed shoulders, nipped in waist and low back stop it from being to 80's Mumsy & the length is just right, not dragging on the floor but covering my ankles 

(As Valentino say's "A long gown showing a woman's ankles is disgusting") 

It also doesn't actually have a huge amount of circle on the skirt so it keeps it streamlined 
(Which means you don't have to hold it up when walking up or down the stairs!!)

Maxi Vintage dress £20
Shel xoxo