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Monday, July 26

Birthday Celebrations

After weeks of stressing about my birthday party I have finally found a venue I LOVE!!!!

My party last year was held at the decadent Beach Blanket Babylon in Shoreditch......I wanted to match this but it needed to be in the same area......

This was a pretty hard task, in shoreditch you either have very very trendy (and a bit grotty but cool with it) or very very exclusive (media peeps who are renowned for being clicky & unwelcoming) I have a mix of friends and I wanted everyone to be comfortable...swanky but relaxed cool and easy.

I reserved a nice space in the main bar which has a DJ and at 9pm the club downstairs opens.

I feel a looooooong night coming on!!

(Click icon bottom right)

Pics to follow!!!!

Shel xoxo

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