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Thursday, July 22

Maxi Dots

Lots to tell you and no time!!
Here is me looking very hmmm well I am not sure what! None the less I have had this dress for a long time but never worn it!
It then dawned on me that it is killing lots of trends in one go!! So I thought I would give it run....turns out I love it!
The slashed shoulders, nipped in waist and low back stop it from being to 80's Mumsy & the length is just right, not dragging on the floor but covering my ankles 

(As Valentino say's "A long gown showing a woman's ankles is disgusting") 

It also doesn't actually have a huge amount of circle on the skirt so it keeps it streamlined 
(Which means you don't have to hold it up when walking up or down the stairs!!)

Maxi Vintage dress £20
Shel xoxo

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