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Friday, January 23

Discovering Italy....

So as most of you know I was in Italy this xmas and new years.. Actually Italy can be a little quiet in the winter months. Alot of places are closed and shops are open less hours, alot of public holidays etc.... Going out is a bit of a pain as quite a few of the bars and night clubs operate only in the summer months...

I did however descover a few new things when I went to italy,

  • They have a very cool pre dinner "happy hour" sort of thing where they offer cocktails at cut prices and you get free canapes and snacky things like little pizzas etc it is very nice and just perfect for your post shopping drinks when you need a little snack and a drink but should really wait till dinner.
  • Dolce and Gabbana have many many fingers in many many pies.......

  • There are no 24 hr petrol stations with shops!
  • You have to buy parking permits to park in central Milan only available from selected shops which of course were mainly closed!!
  • It snows alot in winter
  • They have cute puppies like my Simba! which are allowed to go into the shops with you!!

I seem to be falling deeply in love with Italy despite all the obvious difficulty of being unable to speak much more than basic Italian!

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