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Friday, May 27

Le Crazy Horse rides into town.......

I am very excited to be going to the Supper Club here in London this weekend!
They have them all over the world! I have been to the one in Bangkok and it was an amazing place!

The concept is, no tables and chairs you kick back on huge sofas and have your dinner served on low trays while being entertained by various artist, musicians  or performers. After dinner the club part of the venue opens and you can sip cocktails while listening to some of the best DJ's until the wee hours.
The entertainment on Sunday is the crazy horse troupe travelling through from there home in Paris!

I have always wanted to see Le Crazy Horse but the tickets verge on 200Eurs and there is always so much I have to do in Paris!
So many famous people have been to see the show and visited the Supper Club London.
I am going to get dressed up (or down) to the nines. We are expecting a special guest......I really REALLY hope it is Dita!!!

Shel xoxo

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