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Friday, May 20

Ride on......

Imagine my delight at being gifted this beautiful bike!
I have been looking at all the London cycle routes I am going to be exploring this summer!! and am super excited to be cycling around London with my friends and going to visit exciting places with my puppy in tow!!
These bikes are still hand made in England since 1926 and are steeped in heritage.
They have the cutest features like the huge basket at the front (Simba's seat) front lamp, leather seat which moulds perfectly to your personal derrière and a skirt guard! (for days your wearing a midi or maxi - a true fashionistas bike huh!) and built in security lock! can you believe they are the longest existing bicycle manufacturer's in England? and they still use the same designs (LOVE it)
I opted for the black! as obviously it goes with everything :0) and I will buy some white walled tyres next summer!

I fell in love with this style of bike after a summer holiday in Milan, spent using a similar one all over the city....... I would kill to take this to Rome with me next month!!!

Shel xoxo

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