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Tuesday, May 24

Look into my eyes!!

So I know these posts are not strictly "fashion" related but its nice to mix it up a bit no?
Here are a list of a few exibitions and shows I will be seeing in the coming months in London Town!
Try and get yourself along if you can!
You get fashion inspiration for yourself!! and you find it in the strangest of shouldnt be restricted to being inspired by whats on the runway or what celebrity is wearing what! After all everything your looking at (fashion shows included) is old hat! Old for the designer (belive me when that last model walks backstage they (the designer) is already in an almighty panic about the next seasons collection!!
Karl, Coco, Marc and Victor and all the greats find inspiration in travel and music, film, theatre, sights, smells and most importantly experiances in life. True inspiration is just that. Inspired.
Anyway after my little rant! I am super excited to be going to see Derren Brown at the Shaftsbury theatre in June! Lets hope he does not drag me on stage!!!!

I am also going to see Sade at the O2 in a private box 
(Never had a box at a concert before....feel like I should wear gloves - hehe)

Shel xoxo

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