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Thursday, March 3

Bright young thing

Today I felt like I needed a colour injection.
 Although black will always be my one true love I will always have my lust for brights on the side!!
I finally found a black blazer!! it's collarless and the lapels are a mix of tuxedo and waterfall

So I am getting a bit fed up of doing silly poses smiles and giggles so the new thing for Creme De La Trend is everything (me inc.) simplified....after all I am not a model! Just a girl who likes to shop and share :0)

I hope you guys like the pics and if you don't....tough!! ;0)
But if not I am sure I will be taking fun outdoorsy shots like I used come summer!! I don't want to loose ALL my personality now do I?!

Pink Silk Tee - Zara
Leather Skirt - Urban Outfitters (Re-made Vintage)
Blazer - Topshop
Chain - Made (Whistles)
Shel xoxo

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